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A good example of an introduction in my Skype Tips Room

Posted on Jan 30, 2009 in Skype Room, Uncategorized | 0 comments

This is an exemplary introduction posted in my Skype Tips room Mondays:

Hi, I am Theresa Newell and I am an internet marketer.  I live in metropolitan Kansas City, on the Kansas side of the state line. I have had my online business for about a year.  Most of this past year has been spent learning and sharpening my skills.  I am involved in three niches home business, fitness and diabetes.  I am really excited about Message Magic, because I earned more there in one month than I have earned in my other ventures all year.  My earnings have come from the matrix.  I am still very much a novice in the use of Message Magic with Skype.

My hobbies are reading and board games.  I also enjoy learning how to do things on the computer.  Currently I am learning how to develop a web site and create web pages.  I have received great information thus far from Julie’s blog and the training.  This has been and is a really great learning opportunity for me.

I joined for two reasons—I love to learn and I want to move my online activities from the red into the black.  I believe that Message Magic can help me do that.  I want to learn how to develop my list and how to build relationships on Skype using Message Magic.  My current short term goal (3 months) is to develop a targeted list of 300 individuals that I can help and who have similar or related interests.  I currently need help developing my initial and two follow-up messages.  My niche websites are and  I am also involved with Diamond Elite. I also have a Message Magic sign-up site .

I look forward to chatting more with Julie, the room hosts and chat members. I have gained a lot of useful information from them thus far.

Theresa M. Newell

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