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Day 1: Message Magic 10 Day Challenge

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Day 1:

Message Magic 10 Day Challenge


Welcome to Day 1

Congratulations, you made it here!

This is a Free Bonus to Members of

You can join for free  or upgrade to be a Beta Tester or Annual Founder at deep discounts. This Day 1 is Free. By joining, even as a free member, you get access to an additional Setup Step for Attraction Marketing on Skype. Upgrade at these deep discounts to access the full 10 Day Challenge Message Magic Training – Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced.

Tip 1: You do not need to register for Message Magic yet to do these first 3 steps which you should be able to accomplish in part of one day (probably less then an hour depending on your knowledge and computer skills). Consider Day 1, these first 3 little steps, as “prerequisites” for getting Message Magic. Get this done to prove to yourself you are ready willing and eager to focus and work on your Skype Super Powers and become a real Skype Power User with Message Magic!

Easy Navigation Through Steps to Setup Skype for Message Magic

Tip 2: As you click to take each of the few steps below, a page will open in a new tab. When done there, you will get back here to take the next step simply by closing the page tab you are done with. Here are your first Easy Steps for Day 1 of the 10 Day Challenge.


Day 1 Goal



Prepare Your Skype BEFORE Message Magic Use


Overview of Day 1:

    1. Join the Message Magic Team Skype Room!
    2. Get a New Skype account. How? Why?
    3. Make a copy of your Current Skype version in Program Files and rename it Skype 5 Copy. How? a video link -also below.
    4. Make Message Magic Folders inside your Documens folder:

Message Magic Foldersa. make a Skype Stuff Folder

b. inside that make a “Message Magic Files” folder

c. inside that make a “MM Saved Files” folder

d. inside that make 3 folders: 1) MM Messages 2) MM Patterns 3)MM People

  1. Download But Do Not Install Skype 3.8. Where? Which version for Win7, Vista or xp?
  2. Report Your Progress in the Message Magic Team Skype Room!
  3. BONUS: Attraction Marketing on Skype. Join Here.


Step by Step Message Magic Setup

Results With Message Magic That Save Time


Message Magic - Explode Your Skype User Profiles Database
2 Million+ Skype Profiles Monthly

This MM 10 Day Challenge takes you step by step, a few steps a day to get results with Message Magic. Get Past all the Techie Setup Stuff in a few days, do it correctly and have your Skype and Message Magic ready for  powerful action in seconds a day. If setup right, you will be able to Press a Few buttons daily to let Message Magic run on auto-pilot to build you a Skype User Profile Database at the rate of over 5000 per hour.

Work through the steps as fast or as slow as you like. Try printing them out. This first Day should be very easy to do. Watch a video for step 2, on How to Make a Copy of your Current Skype Version in your progam files:

Tip 3: Pause the video, take the action, replay as needed!



Need Help With Message Magic?


Need help with Message Magic Setup? Got Julies MM Skype room?

Message Magic Training

Need to Take the Challenge Yourself?  Most likely you are here because you are already taking the challenge. If not, if you want to do this challenge, then subscribe to take the MM 10 Day Challenge for real results, easy setup, step by step and even 24/7 Skype Room help with your Message Magic. Go here to optin to an email series  plus you will get invites by email and Skype to live MM Trainings and Skype Funnel Trainings by Julie Wolf. Learn what you can do with a huge Skype User Profile Database to funnel more people into your projects when ever needed.

Complete This 10 Day Challenge!

Stick to it… Focus!

Talk to us in the Skype Room!


Get help in our Team Skype room… Join our Message Magic Team Skype Room and please ask all the questions you have in the Skype room. ok? Do this:

  1. We need your questions in the Skype room. Ask them!
  2. We need to hear your progress too.
  3. Skype us with your progress and activities please.

When done with Day 1, go on to Day 2. Day 2 has a lot to it, so you may want to do some of it on the same day as Day 1, and some the next day. Day to, dispite the short preview here, may take you 2 days to complete.

Preview of Day 2 of The 10 Day Challenge  (SEARCH FOR SKYPE USERS) covers …

  1. Download and Install Message Magic
  2. Backup Skype Contacts & Chat History
  3. Install Skype 3.8  … wait for it! Avoid  errors, take the next steps!

Next Step: Day 2

Go Here for Day 2 of the Message Magic 10 Day Challenge.

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