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Day 7: Message Magic 10 Day Challenge

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Day 7 Message Magic 10 Day Challenge


Once a week you can schedule a day to back up Skype contacts, Skype chat History and Skype Contact Categories. Watch this 13 minute video of the Day 7 Overview.



Day 7 Goal: Weekly Skype Maintenance


Day 7 Quick Overview:

  1. Backup Skype Contacts
  2. Back up Skype Chat History
  3. Back up Skype Contacts Categories
  4. Bookmark All Group Chat Skype Rooms
  5. Add New Skype Room Members (esp your rooms)
  6. Remove Pending Contacts
  7. Contact Management (Rename Tags to Category Lists, etc)

How To Action Steps



Step 1: Backup Skype Contacts

Click here for How to Back up your Main Skype Contacts.



Step 2: Back up Skype Chat History

Click here to learn how to Back up Skype Chat History.


Step 3: Back up Skype Contacts Categories

Click here to learn how to Back up Contact Categories.


Step 4: How to Bookmark All Group Chat

Tools > Advanced > Bookmark All Group Chats












What is the real value of  this

Bookmark Chats feature of Message Magic?

Here is a post about why Bookmarking Group Chats (aka Skype Rooms) is very useful with Message MagicMessage Magic and Skype Group Chats.



Step 5: Add New Skype Room Members


Add New Skype Room Members (especially your rooms). 






Step 6: Contact Management Skype Funnel


Remove Pending Contacts & Move New Friends to Category BD3


Delete Pending From Your Prospecting Skype Account And Build Your New Friends Skype List. Once a week you can remove pending contacts so they do not accumulate. This will keep your computer and Skype running smoother. These Skype users may add you later and then you can add them back when they will still get your contact request message, when you are both online.

  1. In Message Magic Go to Activities>Retrieve Users>Load From Contacts.
  2. Then choose the category BD2 Pending Sort and OK . This loads Message Magic with those who have received your Follow up Message(s) (see Day 4).
  3. Select All . Then check Pending and then click OK.
  4. Once loaded, right click over the profile area to see the menu and Select All.
  5. Then Activities>User Actions>Delete From Skype.
  6. Now right click over profile area and choose More Selections
  7. Change Buddy Status to Friends
  8. Select All. Activities> Users Actions> Add to Category> BD3 New Friends
  9. Select All. Activities> Users Actions> Remove From Category> BD2 Pending Sort
  10. Schedule Follow up with your new friends.
The Plan:  Now you have removed all contacts that have not added you back and those that have added you,  all the new friends are in a category called BD new Friends for better follow up.  As you build  relationships, learn about their interests and skills, and as they learn about you and your online projects, they may want to get more info or join you in something. At that point you invite them to add your primary Skype account and finally, add them to a Targeted list in your primary Skype.




Step 6:  How to Create Targeted Skype Lists in Other Ways

  1. Rename Tags to Build a Skype List Category
  2. Keyword Search Chat History to Build a Skype List Category
  3. Keyword Search Skype Profiles to Build a Skype List Category
  4. Skype Rooms to Add Targeted Contacts & Build a Skype List Category



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