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How to Install Skype 3.8

Posted on Apr 20, 2012 in Skype | 0 comments


Can’t Install Skype 3.8?

Are you getting error an message like this? Did you uninstall Skype? wait … "a later-version-of-skype3.8-already-installed" installation error message

Before Uninstalling Skype, Backup Contacts & Chat History

You want to install Skype 3.8 safely. So, before Uninstalling Skype, first Backup Skype Contacts & Chat History!

Backup Skype Contacts and Chat History

If you get an error message saying, “A later version of Skype 3.8 is installed” and “Installing Skype failed” when attempting to install Skype 3.8, then here is what you need to do. You will need to uninstall Skype in your Control Panel > Add Remove Programs (Windowns xp) or Programs & Features for Vista and Win 7. This will allow you to install skype contacts, skype history, skype backup, before uninstalling skype to fix the skype 3.8 install error?xx


Don’t Risk Losing Your Skype Contacts & History

When uninstalling skype, you run a risk of losing skype contacts and Skype history. It has not happened lately, but this did use to happen. So just to be safe, lets back up both your Skype contacts and history. Not a bad idea anyway as they can be restored if ever needed. Many Skype hackings reveal a real need to back up your Skype. My Skype Training and 10 Day Challenge step by step guide shows you how to do anything you want with Skype versions. also covers Skype Safety and Skype Hack recovery… have you heard the latest skype hack gmail mobile verify ploy?

Want Help Uninstalling Skype so you can Install Skype 3.8?

So, once you have uninstalled Skype (shown here), you can easily install Skype 3.8

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