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How You Know Your Skype is Hacked?

Posted on Aug 17, 2011 in Skype | 0 comments

How do you know if your Skype is hacked?

Good question…

Hacked SkypeYou know your Skype is hacked, when you can not login to your Skype account and yet it is sending people strange links and requests to login or accept a file or most recently, the hacker has been asking to borrow Money via Alert Pay or Pay Pal and it is usually in bad English. If you ask them to call you on Skype or verify who they are, they do not and can not. Recently, I have seen the hackers reviewing your Skype History to say something relavent to pretend they are you.

Red Flag For Skype Hacked Account

Skype Online StatusAlso, the hacker will go on Red Do Not Disturb Status on Skype, which, along with the other signs above, is a huge “Red Flag” that it is a hacker…. but if it is YOUR Skype that is hacked, then you will not know this. All you will know is you can not login and sometimes also the hacker changes the password on your email account as well.

Act Fast to Save Your Skype From the Hacker

Change Password on Both Your Email And Your Skype

If you change your password on both your email account associated with your Skype account, and your Skype fast enough, you can stop the hacker and take your Skype back.

You May Need to Run an Anti Virus and SpyWare First

Recently though, I have seen the same Skype account hacked 3 times in a row because of a malwear (virus, trojan, spyware, keystroke logger, etc) was in his computer so each time he changed his password, the hacker still had access and until he got rid of that, he could get hacked again. So step 1 is runing anti virus, and anti spyware program on your computer. He had to reformat his hard drive to clear his system. Since then he has had access to his own Skype account and the hacker has not taken it over again.

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