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Sometimes having some one take you by the hand and do things with you, or just have it done for you, is the fastest way to both learn and to get things done.  I have been offering my coaching and out-sourcing services to those with online projects and businesses for many years. I enjoy it. It is a blessing and a gift you give me by allowing me to be of assistance to you.

Audio or Video to Review …

If you request it in writing (skype me to discuss your coaching in detail), I will even record an audio and make videos and publish them on a blog just for you, your coaching blog if you like.  However I reserve the right to publish these for others to use as well. You can discuss this with me. Here are the suggested areas I can assist you with, and if there are other areas I forgot to mention that you know I have expertise on, … again, just skype me to discuss it.

I offer these coaching and outsourcing services:

  1. Skype Support – both techie or basic “how to use skype” and also proper networking etiquette or how to behave on Skype, Learn How to Attract Skype Users to You and Your Websites, Blogs. Social Sites, plus get Help Writing Effective Messages. Be the chased, rather then chase others!
  2. Profile About Me Bio Writing Advise for any social media, social network, web 2.0 site or application such as Skype, Twitter, Blogs, Ning, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc
  3. Public Skype Room & Private Skype Chat Room Creation: I can make a Skype room for you which includes joining rights such as Read/Write and Join Permissions, Skype Room Guidelines (room rules & purpose & Resources), Room Hosts or Modertors- (training hosts is extra), free and paying Skype room member options, plus composing messages to stimulate participation and action taking (extra). If your Skype room guidelines are written, and you have everything ready (Chat Topic and Picture) then I can make a Skype room in 30 minutes, 60 minutes for advise on guidelines and adding commands you will need in chat history for you to access as needed. Read more here.
  4. Want Skype Super Powers? Be a leader on Skype! Follow the simple steps here to Learn How to Create Your Own Skype Public Chat Room and have the all the Super Powers of a Skype Chat Creator Role.
  5. Message Magic – Join the Skype List Building Revolution! Get this Skype plugin software for building targeted and responsive lists and get my Skype Super Powers Support & Training… Read Skype Super Powers above to learn how to get my Message Magic Training FREE!
  6. Aweber Autoresponder setup help including automated follow up,  composing messages, blog category broadcasts, custom fields to offer your sales force /affiliates prewritten message to send to their lists with their links and contact info including Skype, plus how to make Blog, Twitter, Facebook and other rss feeds social integration via Aweber. Build a List and Automate Your Follow up Marketing!
  7. Keyword and Niche Market Research as well as domain name choice all to get relevant traffic, that you can compete for and monetize.
  8. Domain Registration and Hosting help
  9. Blog Set up to get you started with either WordPress or Blogger blogs…… and composing posts and pages.
  10. Lead Capture page setup with split testing of header, audio or video, autoresponder setup ….. and composing messages.
  11. BYO Audio  or Video streaming to your email lists websites or blogs ….. and brainstorming together on content and script planning.

Cost and Testimonials

I normally charge at least $160 an hour, however, I have decided to help you out in these tight financial times by offering a discount on my lowest fee scale. I will raise my fees later. Keep in mind that I go the distance with you and then some.

Coaching Options
Please tell me here what you want coaching on (detailed please):

Here is what others have said about my coaching, training and Support…. Testimonials:

Skype Help and Skype Tool Training & Support

As a network marketer and user of Skype, I would like to express how much I appreciate Julie Wolf. On countless occasions she has taken her time to help me and my friends with skype related issues. Julie has the most knowledge about skype of anyone I know. She has posted many articles on the subject of permission based use of skype and many videos making it easy to direct people to these resources. Julie is currently working on a skype marketing product and I am awaiting the day it comes out. I feel very blessed to call her my friend.
Kerri Foster
kerrifoster1234 @
skype id garfiled2417

“I am amazed how quickly I have come in my understanding of how this works to build my list from where my brain was a few hours ago. Before I joined Sales Funnel Secrets and your coaching group, it would have taken days to really understand and to start building my list. The first thing that I realized was that your course was significantly different to other courses I have attempted, and paid much more for than I would like to admit. The written material is straight forward, easy to read and understand. Especially as it is reinforced with your voice along with the text to read. That helps me tremendously to absorb what I am reading. Reviewing the training audios on your blog helps so much.”

“But what really puts me in the comfort zone is knowing you are there to speak to when I have a problem. With your guidance and support, I can now write and find and do things much more easily that I have not been able to do for ten years. I started to access my brain and organize my online tasks in a controlled focused and organized manner that does not frighten it to shut down. I never dreamed I would get so far as to have my own blog or my own ezine. Thank you Julie. Your system is great and your support has changed the quality of my life. I no longer feel confused and frustrated or worried. I am now clear about where I am going with my online marketing and list building and am full of hope and confidence.”

“You made a difference and with your system I hope to make a difference to my subscribers too. Thank you!”

- Keith Diggle, England


“The kind of support Julie provides is extremely rare on the internet. While she could easily charge ten times more for what she does, she doesn’t. And that’s what makes her different. I’ve seen Julie’s system work with my own 2 eyes. The kind of phone / Skype support is really rare these days I’ve seen her bring in signups with her system so I’ve seen it work. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

-Rod Cortez, The Eclectic Marketer,


Hi Julie,

Wow!! If there is a better system of:

* building a list
* free and low cost marketing
* with added personal support…..

then it would be worth a fortune.

Thanks for literally taking me by the hand through your system. I’m extremely proud to be the fastest ever so far to go from startup to getting leads.

-Graham Burt, Scotland


Hi Julie,

I haven’t found anyone with a system like yours. It’s like a gold mine for us List Builders.

-Olivia H.


Dear Julie,

This is sooooo cool, I have another response! I will never buy another purchased lead again! I love this System.

Julie Wolf keeps updating the system and “tweaking” it so that it builds our list quicker with those valuable opt-in leads.

-Wanda W.


“I’m so happy that Julie not only tells you what to do but explains and shows you how to do it one on one. Keep up the good work Julie! AND ANYONE READING THIS DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS BECAUSE I NEED HER FOR MY SELF!!! … Just kidding!”

“Here is a sample:

The audios are very informative. Lots & lots of information on how to cultivate leads Julie is very concise & knowledgeable. Her whole system is all about getting leads.”

- Eugenia Kulchyski – Canada


“The most important thing I can say about your coaching and List building system is that you always make yourself available to help anyone who is really interested in making the system work for themselves. That mentoring and support makes a big difference, especially for those of us who didn’t know much about computers when we started. Having you available is the Most Important aspect of your system. Thanks for All your support.”

-Lillian Cummins


Hi Julie,

I use to be one of your Subscribers in 2003!!! But then I lost touch with you when I shifted house & Town. You wrote wonderful articles about a multiplicity of subjects, regarding the How to … I’ve never ever encountered anyone else since, who wrote and explained simply the processes of Internet Marketing.
-Mike Terekia – New Zealand


Coaching Options
Please tell me here what you want coaching on (detailed please):

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