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Steps for New Message Magic Team Members

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Are You Joining My Message Magic Team?



Skype, Message Magic Training  & Skype Room

What will YOU do with 100s of thousands of Skype user profiles in a database? Learn my Skype Funnel and Permission Messaging and Targeted list building and Skype Traffic lessons. Join my Skype  and Message Magic Trainings here (tell me if I need to change the times below- they do change):

  1. Monday 3 pm EST  (60-90 minutes)
  2. Tuesday 7 pm EST (60-90 minutes)
  3. Thursday 3 pm  EST (60-90 minutes)

Message Magic For Skype -Earth-Hands-250X250

Message Magic Team Skype Room

Please DO Join the Skype Room! I have a Message Magic Team Skype room for you to join. All my Skype rooms have both general room rules and room specific R&Rs (Room Resources & Rules). The Resources inside the rooms are very helpful.



How to Join Julie’s Message Magic

Skype Room



  1. Read Julie’s  GeneralSkype Room Guidelines.
  2. Skype me to tell me in writing that you have read & agree with them.
  3. Then Return Here and Click This to Enter Julie’s Message Magic Skype Room . Tip: Every link on my blog opens a new tab, so you can return here when done with the new tab.
  4. View the “Hidden Treasure” in the Guidelines Inside The Skype Room by typing /Get Guidelines  into the chat as a message. The Topic at the top of the room will remind you how.


Prepare Your Skype Before You Start Using Message Magic


skype 3.8 Skype 5 Skype versions desktop shortcutsAsk for my custom getting started guide just for you, after you join Message Magic from the person who is signing you up (either from their link or with a Team Build placement/reassign by giving them your email and a temporary password). If you are getting Message Magic from me (Julie Wolf) click here when ready. Are you Ready? If you are done the Day 1 of the 10 Day Challenge, the 3 little get ready steps here, then you are ready to get Message Magic and take the next steps (joining the MM Team Skype Room, Backing up your Skype contacts and history and installing Skype 3.8… correctly). Tell me on Skype what level you joined (free, annual, monthly, 1time, free trial-reassigned, etc) and  also if you will use two computers or if you have a Mac with Windows Parallels. I will send you the right guide. I want you to get setup BEFORE you start using Message Magic.

Message Magic 10 Day Free Trial

How To Get All Your Questions Answered About Message Magic


Please do all of this to get the most out of Message Magic and get your questions answered quickly:


Lets Make Skype and Message Magic Useful for your projects



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