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New Skype Virus Skype Profile Link

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Skype Virus Season has Arrived with New Malware


Skype Virus Skype HackDO NOT CLICK THE LINK … If a Skype contact of yours sends you a message like this :  “lol is this your new profile pic?” and has your Skype user id at the end of a link, don’t click the link!  It is a New Skype virus, a new twist on an old theme lowering your guard by mentioning something about your own Skype profile.  “A type of malware known as Dorkbot is  being rapidly passed around Skype tricking people into being scammed by asking that question, in both English and German”, says New York times.


I Spoke to The 1st of My Own Skype Contacts Sending Me this  Skype Virus  Message


I called the 1st person I got this with on Skype and he said he thought it was a Skype tool to see his contacts Skype profiles and it sends this message out to his contacts automatically. He was not hacked but his system was set to send this to his Skype contacts to click on and hack them. I have seen this many times in the last few weeks now from too many of my own Skype contacts. Some concerned Skype community members, who know I have helped with hacked Skype accounts and know I give a Webinar on Skype Safety & Hack Reacovery,  are Skyping me and calling me on the phone for my advice to give to others. My advice as well as others is all given below.


Skype Worm  Spreading Fast


We have seen this message in many more languages than just English and German. The first reference  seen to this is a TrendMicro article in the LA Times: Skype Worm spreading fast.  


Skype Security Blog On this Skype Virus


Skype Security blog says on a new Security Notice, “We have received reports of some malicious activity targeting a small number of Skype users with an instant message and link that says, “lol is this your new profile pic?” This activity is another example of an Internet scam targeting Skype users that attempts to trick people into clicking on malware or malicious content.”


What Does This Skype Virus Message Look Like?




Even a Non Contact Sent this Skype Virus Link? Wow!

Many Skype users, even your contacts may be infected with the malware and are sending this Skype virus - here is an image of what this Skype Virus Message looks like with my Skype name juliewolf as part of the link.  Our Skype contacts that have  sadly clicked on this Google shortened link with their Skype name curous about mention of their own Skype profile. It is a new Skype hack virus. Do not click it.



My Skype Hack Safety & Recovery Advice


 To send people my advise with this new Skype Profile Hack Virus… Send people to my Skype Hack Safety blog post to get info. Also my Skype membership site for the ’3 Steps to Skype Hack Recovery’ Bonus pdf Report. Get my Skype Safety updates when ever new Skype virus, or malwear comes out, as well as my Skype Safety Webinar information. 


 Other Advice On Removal of This Skype Virus

 In Skype application, Go to, Tools > Options… >Advanced Settings. Click Manage other programs’ access to Skype. Remove any unknown application (if any). 

Clean Malware From your computer First!

 Download malwarebytes from here and  “Perform Full Scan”  then make sure to delete all exe files in AppData. When installing Malwarebytes …  only choose the  Updates box.

Delete All exe Files in AppData Directory

Some advise to run MBAM and use the FileASSASSIN tool for this, but my computer expert on Skype, Vincent, tells us to run a  full scan.  He explains:

“If you download it and install it, it needs to be — INSTALLED WITHOUT ENABLING the Trial Full Protection. Because if it’s installed with the Trial Full Protection .. then Malwarebytes will also be running in the background at all times (which is what you  DO NOT WANT OR NEED ). When installing Malwarebytes …  only choose the  Updates box.”  Got to C:\Users\[youruser]\AppData\Roaming – this can be copy and pasted in your file manager (aka explore windows) and replace [youruser] with yours… if you can not this location.



Most Importantly, Do not click the link sent by your friends and contacts on Skype sending you this Skype Virus 


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