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Save Skype Contact Categories

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Day 2 Step 1.6 How to Back-up Skype Contact Categories

This will be a short how to Skype video about how to back up your Skype contact lists or contact categories someday … just Skype me here if you need the link to the video. Please send me this url link to tell me what you need and where you learned about this so I can add it here when you discover this … wink!

Tools > Advanced > Save Skype Categories

Message Magic Day2 Step1.6-Save Skype Contact Categories

Message Magic Day2 Step1.6-Save Skype Contacts Categories

Skype Contact Lists aka Contact Categories are VERY POWERFUL & VALUEABLE!!!

Saving Skype Contact Categories is very important! Because ….

  1. Primary Skype Acct or 2nd aka Disposable Skype acct, could be lost. No problem as long as you have back ups of contacts, history and categories. By saving your Skype contact categories, you can recover your very valuable targeted Skype lists.
  2. If you should ever need to recover your Skype accounts, any Skype contact list back-up can be stored outside of your computer for easy recovery (ie. jump drive or cd disk, etc)
  3. If you do this also with your Main Primary Skype account, this is incredably valuable should anything happen to it!
Message Magic Day2 Step1.6 Save Skype Contact Categories

Message Magic Day2 Step1.6 Save Contact Categories

Message Magic Makes It Quick & Easy to Save Skype Contact Categories

To get Message Magic, go here or ask the person who you want be your upline to send you their link. Message Magic makes saving your Skype contact lists easy, as well as messaging and adding more contacts to your Skype lists.

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