Build Business with Skype, Build & Manage a Targeted Responsive Skype Contact List withPermission Skyping & Message Magic 10 Day Challenge & Message Magic 10 Day Challenge



SeeYouOnSkype  Beta Discount

& Message Magic 10 Day Challenge Training



While my  Skype  membership site at SYOS  is in beta, you can get a Huge Discount on Skype and Message Magic training by me, Julie Wolf, Skype expert & Skype trainer. For only $7/mo you can access all my Skype knowledge plus get my Advanced Message Magic 10 Day Challenge. Access SeeYouOnSkype here.



Access to Julie’s Skype Knowledge, Message Magic Advanced Training & Other Skype Tools & Skype Tips


Use Message Magic and Skype Contact Categories to Build Targeted Skype Contact Lists, Start a Skype Funnel Today

Skype Funnel Using Skype Contact Categories to Build Targeted Skype Contact Lists



What you Get For $7/mo …

… below is how to get 1 month free


  • How to Build Permission Based Targeted Skype Contact Lists
  • How to Build a Skype Prospect Funnel
  • Message Magic 10 Day Challenge Training (Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced)
  • Videos & Step by Step Tutorials of  the 10 Day Challenge
  • Live Trainings, Training Recordings & Webiar on Demand
  • Private Skype Rooms for Support with Skype and Message Magic
  • I , Julie, Answer all Questions in the Skype rooms and Live & Recorded Trainings
  • Skype Safety & Hack Recovery Guide
  • Direct Link to Skype Live Chat Support
  • Skype Training including Skype Room & moderator training
  • Monetizing Skype Rooms & Setting them up with commands, guidelines, moderators, etc
  • Skype Group Chats Rooms & Message Magic!!!
  • Julie’s Skype Chat Directory of Skype Rooms by Category and Skype people
  • More being added all the time …

1 Month Free and No Price Increase For Life: Annual Founder

Get “Grandfathered in” at the beta price of $77/year – Choose Annual Founder

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Private Coaching NOT included. Please request Private Coaching for a fee here.  Or you can ask permission from Julie to Join the Beta Discount Message Magic Skype Management ($50/mo) for 1 hour a month of private coaching  and have some work done for you. This is worth $200 a month or more. See this option when choosing a membership type  with sign up to SeeYouOnSkype or the Upgrades pages when available, or make arrangements with Julie – call 800-566-2823.


Advanced Skype & Message Magic Training by Julie Wolf


Message Magic For Skype Earth Hands

Learn to use Message Magic for ALL it can help you with, Skype contact management & follow up, Broadcast Skype Messages to many contacts, and List Building with Skype from Julie Wolf, Skype Expert & The First Message Magic Trainer since 2008.

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