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Posted on Mar 10, 2010 in Free Skype Tips, Skype, Skype Room, Skype Tips, Uncategorized | 8 comments

Can we still do Public or multi user group chats on Skype vs 4 or 5?

Yes and no. Since Skype upgraded to version 4 last year, Public chat rooms have not been an option making it a challenge to create, join or manage Skype chats.  There is still a way to do all these things even on Skype v 4 or 5.

What Skype says…

You will still see Public IM listed in the Features on Skype’s site, however when you click on the Public IM link there you will see an Note: this feature is not available in the latest version of Skype for Windows” .

How about  Skype 4.2? … heres the Manual

While many of us hope to see it again in the future, I do not see it listed in the newest 4.2 either. Side Note:  Skype version4.2 has been out a couple of days now. There is a new manual for Skype 4.2 put together  with not only Skype background, known issues, etc., as well as a table showing where all the Skype-related files are located on your PC.

Skype v 4.x Friendly Join-Chat Links

put together a new Skype manual with not only Skype background, known issues, etc. but also a table showing where all the Skype-related files are located on your PC.

The command /get uri typed into the Skype chat room will give you a uri address that allows people to join a chat room from a  link for any version of Skype and more importantly for those with v 4.x .  Note: this /get uri command does not work in 3.8 but does work in 4.1. In 3.8 you just get System: followed by nothing.  In 4.1 you get : [9:33:02 AM] sys: skype:?chat&blob=4uh8MX69zzBhQ-fGibKOoNXnf_9m7Ze4-hda0kKqrC59sK1xeVYi6OZmAjfSxwsfAO1CMk-q0wWF0_LRrt2tlEEK6l3uT5yveMPbB_2xEcQdzISL_H__0bbpud-em3xXTjxIRo9C_fk4FxnNkwbZEfneflueTy0DJVnATvPRdBJ8qcYPenoZ8Th5dIwVpie0rAXvJdybx8BMOUqqxQ  … which is the uri for my Blogging Q & A Skype room (btw).

This uri address or link can be added to emails, IM, websites, blogs and html code for Skype buttons.

uri link to join a Skype chat room format

Whats important to remember about creating a uri (4.x friendly join chat link), is that it starts with …


… followed  by the long blob, or line of  apparently random characters. Where as the older links used to be url s starting with the well known http:// and ending in the same blob line of characters. So this is how I have been creating uri addresses from url addresses for Skype chat rooms.

Menu Option for Getting a link to click to join a Skype chat – Skype v 4

In Skype version 4.1 you can use a button to “Copy link to Clipboard”  that you can paste in emails or IMs. It also gives you the uri link address. To find it, look in your main Skype conversations  tab for the Group/Public chat, right click then choose View Profile.  Its interesting to see a profile for a group Skype chat!

You can see in this Profile for Public IM:

  • Participant Count
  • Creator
  • Moderation Rules (not Guildines like 3.8 had) but permissions like read only, all can chat, or read write restricted.
  • IM Link:  the uri to paste in emails or IM s so others can click to join .

Want a Private Invitation Only Room?

People have asked me how to make a room you can not join from a link, a private room. You can set your moderation rules for new members to not be able to join from a link. So, even if you post a link to your chat if JOINING_ENABLED is not set as a chat option, the link to your chat will do nothing. Always use the /get options command to check what current chat options are set for your chat, just to make sure that all the options are as you want them“.

/set options +JOINING_ENABLED
Note no + sign in the second one. /get options will show you that.

You can also set a password and password hints for remembering the password. Check Resources below for more commands….



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