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Skype Desktop Shortcuts

Posted on Apr 24, 2012 in Skype | 0 comments

Skype Desktop Shortcuts

How to Make Skype Desktop Shortcuts of Multiple Versions of Skype

Skype will Auto Update Eventually – Let it! If you want to protect any version of Skype, even be able to run older versions of Skype, or if you want to run more then one version, then just make Skype Desktop Shortcuts from renamed copies of each version.

Create Skype Desktop Shortcuts Safe From Auto Update

Skype Desktop Shortcuts

My Skype Desktop Shortcuts to Skype v 3, v4, v5.3, v5.5

The fix: Make separate Skype folders in Program Files for each of your Skype versions. If you have a 64 bit OS it will be in Program Files(x86).  Get old Skype version at or and save each Skype version as shown here:

  1. Find Program Files under Computer  and local C: drive (usually).
  2. Find Skype.
  3. Make a copy of the whole Skype folder with the version you want to save in it.  (watch the video below to see how)
  4. Paste it back into Program files and rename it with the version number … back up each Skype version:
    • C:\Program Files \Skype  3.8 Copy
    • C:\Program Files \Skype 5.3 Copy (right next to the culprit Skype which gets auto updated.)
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype
  5. Open the Copy file for each version of Skype, then open the Phone folder inside. Look for the Skype logo file type application (seen in detail folder view).
  6. Right click the Skype executable file called Skype or Skype.exe (the one with the blue skype logo) inside the new Phone folder, and move, send or drag it to the desktop, choose shortcut and name it to the version number (ie,  Skype 3.8 copy Shortcut and Skype 5.9 Copy  Shortcut – see images and video below.)
  7. Go to the renamed copy folders of each version and do the same, renaming  the shortcut again to the version number.
  8. Tip – Reminder: Make sure you make the Desktop shortcuts from a) the Copy and b) from the Skype application or executable file with the Skype logo inside the Phone folder. Verify both when reporting in Skype or the Skype room that you have done both correctly.
  9. Done! you now can open either version from the Desktop short cut and  an update will not effect Skype Desktop Shortcuts, because they were not made from the main Skype folder which is where the update happens.
Skype desktop shortcuts must be made from copies of Skype version folders in program file

Skype desktop shortcuts must be made from copies of Skype version folders in program files (phone folder skype.exe file)

Watch the first 7 minutes of this video to learn how to make Skype Desktop Shortcuts. The rest of the video I’m showing how to search and navigate my blog here and also answering questions about permission messaging on Skype and adding new Skype contacts.

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