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Skype File Sending Virus

Posted on Mar 12, 2009 in Message Magic, Skype Tips, Uncategorized | 16 comments

Watch the video at the bottom of this post.

WARNING:  Do not lose your Skype account to this hacker’s virus! This suspicious Skype file contains a Virus that can take over your Skype account and send the file to all your Skype contacts.

More Info on Skype Virus, hackings, Phishings:

Update on PayPal Support & reversing false charges:

Some people have reported that they have lost money from their PayPal account. The Skype hacker buys Skype credit from your PayPal!  Here is some good news. I am talking with PayPal and they say if I hear of anyone who lost money to the Skype hacker  / virus to call them at 402-935-2050 ask for the security department. I am assured that they will do some thing about it to get your money back.

You can file a fraud report and get those charges returned to you.  If there is evidence of unauthorized activity on your PayPal account then they will refund your money/ reverse the charges …. only IF you report it to them though.

Here is a new Skype room for

Help with Skype Virus and Skype v4.0

~~~~ end of update – read on & watch the videos ~~~~

It is always a good policy not to accept any files through Skype or email unless you are expecting them, no matter whom the file come from. Always ask the sender what the file is about. This should be an everyday precaution and good habit to get into.

There is a virus that is sending files out from Skype contacts with out their knowing it, even your trusted friends! ( so you think  not knowing their Skype account was hacked and taken over).

This hack is sending skype files with a virus from our friends Skype accounts.

So this is an emergency … of our Skype systems!!!

Please ,every one help!!!!    Do not save any files sent to you through  Skype with out making sure first that it is not this Skype virus. Some have accepted the file and have not opened it… delete it and remember to empty your trash.

What to do if you already saved the file

Several friends of mine have saved the file.  We walked them through what to do (more in the video below on that too). If you have saved a file from Skype - Do NOT open it.... First contact the person the file came from to establish if it is really something they sent. If they do not respond on Skype it may be that their account has become unaccessible to them due to being hacked by this virus. If you have no access to your Skype account, your account has likely been taken over and compromised. Take immediate action.

Seems at least two people who where infected are now telling me that they only saved it and did not click on it or open it and it self executed and infected them. Please help our Skype family - if you saved the file, please log out of your Skype now . Quit Skype -see how in the video below. Do a virus scan. If you can find it, delete it and  If possible warn others to not accept files from you until it is safe. You may have to use non Skype means to communicate to your contacts (email, Twitter, phone, etc). The people who have been infected normally either show as being “OFFLINE”  or on “DND”, so you will not be able to contact them via Skype. If you see either of these two settings for the contact who sent you the file, and they do not respond to you, DELETE THE FILE IMMEDIATELY.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP… make sure every Skype room you know has this information as well as all your contacts. I used Message Magic to let all my contacts know all at once.  In short tell them this:
Skype Virus File Coming from friends on Skype:

  • This Skype Virus is sending either .pif or .exe files from our friends Skype accounts
  • a .exe file is (executable if opened)
  • a .pif is much worse, its is self executable (read comment below)
  • Do not Save any Skype files from friends right now
  • If you have saved a skype file then please do NOT open it – delete it & remember to empty your trash.
  • If you have opened it, see if you can log out of your skype account for now (Quit).
  • Start letting people know on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, etc, etc what has happened to you and warn people not to accept any Skype files from you.  (You will lose access to your Skype so you can not use Skype to communicate to them).

Send the warning please every one… this is real.  It is affecting our Skype community now.



Watch this Video for more detials.


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  1. Gerry Kenny

    Hi Julie,
    great video and great tutorial.
    Thank you

  2. Herb Gruenewald

    Hi Julie,

    I have been using that policy for many years now, of not opening any files, period.

    However yesterday while surfing WebBizinsider I received a virus of sort and it kept adding more copies of giberish as I tried to close it.

    I ended up shutting down my computer and running a scan, but the scan did not come up with anything.

    Microsoft ran an automatic update duing the night and everything seems to be fine this morning.


  3. Julie Wolf

    Here is a chat I had with Sue about her experience of getting this Skype Virus File.

    [6:22:53 AM] Sue Dent says: Hi Julie
    [6:22:55 AM] Julie Wolf says: can you describe what the virus did again?
    [6:23:12 AM] Sue Dent says: it logged me out of skype6:23:14 AM] Julie Wolf says: we made a video and need a description.

    [6:23:29 AM] Sue Dent says: ok, here’s a blow by blow account then

    Larissa: (wave)
    Me: Hi How are you

    then the file

    Me: Did you just send me a file?

    Larissa: it’s my photo
    Larissa: ok

    Me – clicked on save file
    the file disappeared

    Me: it disappeared, can you send it again?

    by now, Larissa was offline

    Then I got logged out of skype and just logged back in. I got logged out again and when I tried to log in again my password had been changed. I tried the forgotten password link and got that my skype ID and email address didn’t match.

    I immediately raised a support ticket with skype. As I was doing that, I received an email from paypal confirming my payment to skype for £11.50. So I went into my paypal account and tried to raise an unauthorised payment thingy with them but they said the transaction number was invalid and so I wouldn’t be charged but I needed to contact them. I had an appointment so closed everything down and decided to deal with it when I got back. When I raised the unauthorised thing with paypal, this time I was able to do it through the normal channels.

    [6:30:01 AM] Sue Dent says:
    Apparently, around the same time I was having this happen with skype, my id sent files to at least 2 people – Xarah received the .pif one from me but, being on a mac, it didn’t recognise the file extension so wouldn’t open it. then she got a .exe from me, as did David Thomas – he was quick and changed his password so I think he was ok

  4. Julie Wolf

    Thanks Gerry and Herb. This Virus effects Skype.

  5. Julie Wolf

    More info

    [3/11/2009 4:43:54 PM] Diana MM says: WATCH OUT! there is something going around! it’s called Picture gypg.pif and comes through personal chats, and then it says “open”! because a friend sent it to me i accepted it but another friend sent the same and then i looked into the window, no mention of them sending something, also there is the word open. in my first friends window there are some (probably arabic?) signs. next i got from the second friend an exe file!!!!
    “yes send me a mane skype.exe!” someone says in his window but he did not say it!! i asked!

  6. Johan

    Just awsome Julie, in fact, I suggest this video must be posted on Utube as well. For the world to see.

  7. Julie Wolf

    One persons PayPal was compromised and another person today asked how to get in touch with Skype by phone, so here is their contact info for your convenience:


    Phone numbers:
    402-935-2050 (Business)

    Customer Service Center

    PayPal Customer Service Agents are available to help you during the following times:

    4:00 AM PDT to 10:00 PM PDT Monday through Friday
    6:00 AM PDT to 8:00 PM PDT on Saturday and Sunday

    Call us at: 402-935-2050

    PayPal’s technical department at 1-888-221-1161. Hours of
    operation are Monday-Friday, 8am-9pm central standard time.

  8. Carol Deckert

    Thanks Julie for all the information on the Skype attack. I was one that received the files, saved them to my desktop, but thank goodness never opened them.

    Your video has some great steps in it and I appreciate you taking the time to share this info with all of us.

    You are a gem!
    Carol Deckert, Networking Coach

  9. Xarah

    I am really thankful being on a Mac because I did try to open the file Sue sent to me! Nothing happenend to me *phew*
    In the mean time it seems this virus has been killed thanks to all those wonderful rooms and possibly MessageMagic we could connect very fast with a lot of people and warn them. No messing with us!

  10. Diana

    good idea Julie will send this out o contacts!

  11. Diana

    hey where IS the video?

  12. Sue

    Hi All,
    Just wanted to give you an update. I finally got my skype id back with £10 skype credit. Not without an uphill struggle, I hasten to add! It took several emails to skype and about 2 and a half weeks! They agreed that my account had been compromised and send me an email to say that they’d restored my email address to the one I was using to contact them and I could do the password restore thing – didn’t work! So I emailed them back. About a week later, I got another one from them saying the same. This time it did work, but the token came back in Arabic!! I emailed them again but decided to just go for it! I clicked the link and voila! I was back into my account. I reset the password but the account is kind of on ‘stop’ as far as adding any more credit to it – not that I’d want to.

    Whilst it was being used by the hacker, they made calls to Egypt and Saudi Arabia – so I’m guessing they changed something in my settings so the email came back in Arabic.

    Although I think it’s safe to use, I’ve reconnected with just about everybody on my new ID and think I’ll stick with that one now.

    That’s about it folks.
    I wish you all luck with your skype issues!

  13. David Dinnison

    hi everyone,

    I also have had customers come to me with this problem and have seen this file takeover peoples Skype accounts and lock them out. Once this file has been executed it gives the attacker the login details of your Skype account which they then logon to and change so you are no longer able to access your Skype account. After this happened to one of my clients however, I was able to petition Skype on their behalf and after a week or so of waiting Skype was able to reset their account back to the original e-mail address, giving them back control over their Skype account. So, if you petition Skype in the right way you are able to get your account back you just might have to get someone to vouch for you on your behalf.

    I just thought I would let everyone know in case they thought once this had happened to them there was no going back.


  14. William Clements

    Hi everyone,

    I experienced this and this is what I did so keep reading…

    I thought Skype was hacked because someone sent a message to all my friends with an attachment that had a virus that I did not send.

    Turns out my computer was most likely hacked because there were 50 different pieces of spyware installed.

    I was informed that the spyware enabled them to hack into my computer, see what I am doing, and virtually do things while I am on that I may not know they are doing. So only explanation is that when I was online the hacker was on my PC remotely. The hacker does not need any of my login info if I am logged in because then the hacker is logged in.

    I got messages like crazy on Skype about this matter so made a Skype group scams. This group I added all my friends to tell them because I figured it would be easier to do it that way then 1 by 1. That chat active by my friends and they were really helpful giving me advise but I thought this was a bigger issue than a phishing message as everyone though.

    So a friend told me about someone she recommended who is a great computer helper. He is in England and his name is Dave.

    His advice is free but if you choose to have him fix your problems his service costs £10.00 GBP/monthly or $15.05USD/monthly subscription to paypal which you can cancel at anytime. Every month you stay paying which is automatically recurring then you are covered for all types of computer help through phone, Skype, and email.

    The point is, Dave is easy to get a hold of and is a miracle worker. He fixed my problems and got it all working even better than before in less time than other places you go.

    The monthly fee is all it costs other than hardware parts which I feel is extremely reasonable as people charge a lot of money for this. Phone service at some of these places can cost per minute, imagine that.

    Anyway, I highly recommend him and as some may know, I hardly recommend anything or and one to people so you know he is good.

    I am sure he could assist you…his Skype is ‘kiwicomputerhelp’, his web site is, his email address is, and his phone number is 0798 545 2272. He can hop on your computer and sort out anything. Just tell him you heard of him me from me (William Clements).

  15. Julie Wolf

    Did you guys see the update I added to this post at the top? It may help those of you who lost money from your PayPal account get it back. It may even get this thing more attention by Skype (to stp this hacking) … if PayPal gets many fraud reports and has to pay many people back.


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