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Skype History

Skype History

Skype’s Story

How Skype Profits and How You Can Profit From Skype

Enjoy this history timeline story about Skype, its creation, creators, owners, investers, competitors, growth in users and features, video chat usage and an idea of its stability now that it is owned my Microsoft, and how Microsoft is integrating it into their own and others products.


Skype Has Become a Verb ” Skype me”

Like Google, Facebook and Twitter, it is used at a verb, “Skype me”.

A quote by the source of this wonderful image … its a testament to how (it) has burrowed itself into the fabric of our society, connecting friends, family, and relatives to one another no matter the geographic distance between them. It has become a household name, its very own verb, like Google or Facebook.


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skype-story-timeline Skype history


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How You Can Profit From Skype


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Effective Group Communication and Collaboration




How to use Skype as a ….

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