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Skype Login Problem

Posted on May 28, 2011 in Skype, Skype Tips | 0 comments

If You’re having Trouble Logging in to Skype Read This

Yesterday Skype HeartBeat issued a Skype for Windows update to fix a corruption that occured in a small percentage of users’ systems, resulting in some of our community not being able to sign in to Skype.

The official Skype Login Issue Fix Is An Upgrade To The Latest Version

You need to ensure that no Skype processes are left running before installing this update. If you’re using Skype for Windows, and have experienced this problem logging in, please be sure to :

  1. Sign out of Skype from the Skype menu in the upper left and
  2. un-check the boxes to automatically login on the sign in box
  3. then quit your existing Skype application
  4. restart your computer
  5. then begin performing the download and finally
  6. update Skype to the latest version now.

Skype For Mac 5.1 Fix for the Skype Login Issue

Skype released an update to Skype for Mac today to address the same issue. Just upgrade now to the latest version or click here for info on that.

Note: Mac 2,8 was not an issue.


  1. Voice One the Web Explains this login disruption

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