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Skype Mood Editor Working Without Extras Manager

Posted on Aug 16, 2011 in Skype | 0 comments


How to Get Skype Mood Editor Working Again


Skype MoodA few people lately have asked me how to get their Skype Mood Editor Working again. Ever since Skype 5.3 upgrade ( certain programs like xSky and Pamela Mood Editor have stopped working. We made sure Skype API was allowed to access or attach (video demo here if you need that), but this still did not help. It Turns out that the reason the mood Editor stopped working is because Skype removed the Extras Manager with this upgrade (

Skype announced the end of the Skype Extras program in late August 2009, pointing out that no new Extras would be accepted from that point forward and that Skype Extras would not be accessible from the Skype for Windows menu after August 31, 2010. However, this menu is still available in Skype for Windows 5.3, though grayed out. However you can find a skype mood editor on the Skype Apps Shop  here but if you want all the cool features like skype mood editor, skype call recorder, skype auto reply and more then visit Pamela here 


Now Skype Mood Editor is Working again only without the Extras Manager or Skype4COM.


Yesterday Pamela just released a new version of Rich Mood Editor without dependancy on Skype4Com and you can get it here. Read about that here.

And in case you think MS did it, it was not. Skype has been talking about ceasing support of the Extras Manager since 2009 and only just now actually removed it from the install. And MS will not fully take over Skype until later, best guess is October and it is conditional upon approval of European regulatory authorities.

Skype API is alive and well and some Skype applications can operate independently of the Skype Extras infrastructure.

Happy Skype Mood Editing!

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