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Skype Mood Editor

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Skype Mood Text Editor

If you want a free Skype Mood Editor,  I use this one here by Pamela. It also has an Skype auto reply with the Basic free version. These Skype tools are great for networking on Skype,  Skype for business or any kind of Skype teamwork projects.

What is a Skype Mood Message?

Skype Mood Message-Example-JulieWolf-SkypeCoach

what-is-a-skype-mood-message -julie-wolfs-skype-profile1

First lets clarify, what is a skype mood message? Above is my Skype Mood message in large font and blue clickable text links. The left is an image of where you find and edit your skype mood in your Skype profile. Your Skype mood message is the message in the bubble next to your Skype picture. It is one of the more visable areas in your Skype chat window for your Skype contacts to see. If you have a message to get across to your contacts, this would be a great place to display your message. For those of you who are using Skype and internet marketing, social media markeing or network marketing to grow your business, I will talk a little later about how to make good use of your Skype mood message, using good Skype ettiquette and permission marketing methods.


What is a Skype Mood Text Editor?


Skype Mood Editor by PamelaThe Skype Mood Rich Text Editor, allows you to create eye-catching messages with HTML formatted text in your Skype Mood bubble. Impress your contacts and friends with a super cool skype mood message that is impossible to miss once they open a Skype chat with you. With this free Skype tool, you can change your Skype Mood Message, (using rich formatting), to edit your text size and font as well as color, create blue clickable text links and even make words blink. A word or warning; do not over do the blinking or you will repell rather then attract your readers eyes. Attracting your readers eyes is what Rich Mood Editor does. Also, you can cause someone with neurological conditions, such as seizure disorders, to have problems if you use to much flashing text. Also Use the color red sparingly.


How Your Skype Mood Helps Business with Good Skype Etiquette & Permission Marketing


a good business building skype mood message by carolyn winslow


How to Use Skype Attraction Marketing and Branding with a Skype Mood

Attracting your readers eyes to your Skype mood message and text links is a great way to share an important message, while chatting with your Skype contacts.. Skype marketing and Skype branding with attraction marketing methods do work with an attractive Skype Mood message. Skype is social media, social networking and not a place to send marketing messages as Insant message text on Skype without permission. There are situations, or shall I say, business relationships you CAN establish on Skype that allow announcements, or even a marketing messages to be sent, but this is rare and must be done with proper contact management, which I do teach using permission targeted list building with Skype Categories. Avoid being seen as a “Skype Spammer” which puts you at risk of ruining a responsive Skype list or even losing your Skype account for Skype TOS violations.

A Skype Strategy for Business Using Skype Mood Rich Text Editor

skype tools for business Skype apps Skype strategies skype marketingOne Skype strategy for business using your Skype Mood is to simply send a friendly greeting of the day week or month. Use Rich Mood Editor to make your Skype Mood attract the attention of your Skype contacts, while you simply send them a nice greeting. Use Skype tools to send a braodcast to a group of contacts at once. Once they open your skype text message or chat, they will see your Mood message.

Respond to your Skype Friends – Read Their Skype Mood

responsive Skype lists means respond to your contacts skype messagesThe longer they stay with your chat window the better so they see your Skype mood message. Therefore, if you can take time to respond to them, chat with them, that is good. This builds the relationship, deepens the connection when you chat about common interests. If you can not respond to them all, here are some solutions to automate with a personal touch.

Skype Auto Chat Reply

pamela auto chat reply basic freeIf you can not respond to them immediatly, then you may also want to use an Auto Reply message, perhaps thanking them for Skypeing you and that you had to step away for awhile and will be happy to respond to them as soon as you return. There are several Skype tools that have an auto chat reply or an away message as well as voice mail for Skype calls, which helps because some Skype users will call you in response to your message.

Skype Tools for Business & Skype Tool Training

Before I share with you a few of the best Skype tools for Skype Mood messages, Skype auto reply and Skype voice mail, some free and some paid, please know that I teach Skype Tools on my blog, my YouTube videos and membership sites and live Skype Training webinars on Skype Tool Teusdays. Now let us look at some Skype tool options to find all the right set of Skype feature enhancements: Mood Editor, Auto Reply, Bulk Message Broadcast and even voice mail capable.

Skype Auto Reply Tool Options

  • xSky – Paid
  • Pamela – Free & Paid

xSky has an Auto Reply that works when you set your skype status to away. xSky, is a contact management, skype message broadcaster and a contact list building tool, similar to Message Magic but with less functions and has a monthly subscription (click here to learn more). Message Magic does not have Auto chat Rely at this time (maybe later it will). A free option is Pamela and Pamela also has the Skype Mood Rich Text Editor for your Skype mood message.

Skype Mood Rich Text Editor Skype Tool Options


  • Pamela
  • RME at Skype Store (by Pamela)
  • Kosi’s Skype Mood Message Formatting Webased Tool

Kosi's-skype-mood-editor-webbasedAll 3 of these skype mood editor tools are free or have a free version. Pamela for Skype includes the Skype Mood Rich Text Editor in its free version as well as many other interesting Skype function enhancements. And my friend Kosi’s here requires the Skype Extra’s Manager, which current versions of Skype (post Skype, do not support, so Kosi’s can be difficult to get working. Here are links to all three:


Examples of Skype Mood Messages Created by Rich Mood Text Editor

skype-mood-editor-example-lawrence -blandskype-mood-editor-example-clickable-text-links-AndyCskype-mood-message-example-large-font-Julie-wolf-skype-coach

Trouble Shooting Why Skype Mood Rich Text Editor Doesn’t Work

I will talk about and show you how to trouble shoot why Rich Mood Text Editor doesn’t Work or stopped working at another Skype Tool Tuesday Skype Training. Meantime, here are a few blog posts that will help you attach Skype to your Rich Mood Text Editor by Pamela.

Julie’s Other Skype Tool Tips & Trainings

Get my Skype Mood and Skype Tool Tips. New Tools come out and you will want to know about them. 

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