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Skype Phishing Plague

Posted on Nov 23, 2010 in Free Skype Tips, Skype, Skype Tips | 9 comments

I have helped in the recovery of about one hacked account a day in the last week and a half. Do you need help recovering your Skype account from a take over hack attach? Read on, I can help.

Wow! Its a Viral Plaque of Skype Phishing Take Overs!

I have learned quite a lot and will be blogging more about it and YouTubing, but one thing I can share now is this… If you can not get helpful responsive Skype support via email,   and I know some of you have looked in vain for Skype phone support ( which used to be but is no longer), I have discoverd another and more responsive Skype support option.

Did you know that they have Live Chat Skype Support for those with 3 months of subscription or more?

Skype Verification to Recover an Account For Paying Customers Only? (Not true)

I have also discovered that even  free (non-paying) customers can be helped. Skype has a Policy for  verification  of  who you are  in order to unblock or help you take back your own Skype account.  Be prepared to search your email as you may not have  access to your Skype account on their website to find the answers to their questions. They will ask a series of questions about a purchase you may (or may not)  have made on your Skype account.   The information they will be needing from the account owner is as foillow:

  1. First 6 and last 4 digits of credit card used to make the purchase (NOTE: Do not send full credit card number.)
  2. Name of cardholder written on the card.
  3. Issuing country of card and or the address of the card. (Tip: give them the billing address, even if you can not find your records – you know this anyway and this is enough to verify and recover your account)
  4. The exact dates (or order numbers) of the fraudulent charges on your credit card statement or PayPal.

Recover Your Skype Even If You Spent Nothing – Pushased Nothng From Skype

Even if you have trouble supplying this information, they can recover a hacked account, even if you have not purchased a Skype subscription or Skype credits. Just push back (persist) and ask for a supervisor and also ask them to escalate your case to a special dept.   Here is part of my last Live Chat Support with a Supervisor that discusses this:


0:35:49 Live Chat Support Supervisor says

We have a specialty team for blocked accounts who investigates for such.They have special procedure when it comes to this, here on our department (Live Chat) we just do regular query and probing question.

10:38:06 juliewolf says

So can this specialty team go beyond the verification policy limit (mentioned above) and allow non-paying or non-purchase verification methods … by chance?

10:39:55 Live Chat Support  says


10:40:02 juliewolf says

Let me explain…. in case that is not clear, I know Skype has a verification Policy, where the info verified has to do with purchases made on the account, but I have assisted recently even, with a hacked/blocked account recovery of some one who has never purchased (Hyla teaches people to use Skype even and she got hadked!).

10:40:19 Live Chat Support  says

Yes, but they will require of speaking to the account holder. We have 2 types of blocking

10:41:00 juliewolf says

and they will initiate the contact (call her for example)?  Oh! Two types of blocks … interesting… go on please?

10:42:24 Live Chat Support . says

Blocked Account can still use free service of skype but THEY CANNOT PURCHASE ANYTHING. Full Blocked is the one that a user cannot log in at all nor use any Skype service

10:43:54 juliewolf says

Oh so what we need is  a temporary block to stop the hacker from taking over other accounts is a FULL BLOCK then? is that correct?

10:45:49 Live Chat Support  says



Get a Supervisor To Escalate, ie, get it done…

So far, whenever I have asked for a Supervisor to go beyond their purchase verification policy,  to help a Skype customer with free service, they have  agreed (sometimes reluctantly, persistance pays, push back gently and politely).  A supervisor can get this  “Special Team”  mentioned in the blue chat above, who can and will either find another way to allow you to fully recover and unblock your old Skype (even if you are a non-paying user), or Fully Block your unwanted hacked  account … and this is a good thing to protect others, or even your new account.

Why You Should Have Your Hacked Skype FULLY BLOCKED Until Recovery!

Think about it. Even if you no longer want your old Skype account, you should take responsability for stopping this phishing. Your old account will likely be sending out links and files to all your contacts.  And eventiually even back to you and your new account via the same contacts. (karma will return to you – make it Good Karma….

Good Skype Karma

Get some Good Skype Karma and be responsable about taking care of a hacked account. Then you will get a chance, if you want it, to fully recover your Skype account.  Think Skype is no good at support?  Think again.  And again, I have assisted and therefore witnessed half a dozen accounts being recovered in just one session of Live Chat Support (full disclosure – it took a few hours, up to 4, but that was also cause I was probing and learning.) Now we all know how to get the Skype Support needed faster. Yes, all in one session and it gets done and your Skype account is back (or blocked if you do not want it) pretty quickly.

Prevention is the Best Medicine … and Caring About Your Friends is Healing too

Only Fully Blocking will help stop the viral Skype plaque from spreading.  This will stop further phishing of contacts on the hacked account, thus stopping the viral spread of the hackings from at least one account from contact to contact.  Please take these actions ASAP once you know your account, or even others have been infected:

  • Contact Skype support by email or Chat (I will post about how to get Live Chat Skype Support soon – or comment me until I do)
  • Insist and Gently Persist that they escalate your support issue to the highest level (persist on a supervisor if needed) and
  • Ask them to Fully Block your hacked account IMMEDIATELY, even if it is only temporarily, telling them you do not want the hacker to be phishing your contacts and spreading the problem out of control in YOUR good name.
  • If you want your account recovered, tell them to email to your original or previous email address (before the hacker changed it) and send you the instructions for resetting your password. They will then have you email them back to verify your account and unblock it.
  • Contact your Skype contacts to let them know NOT to accept any ph-fishy files or click on any links sent by”you” aka this hacked account.  Read on … I discuss options to do this…

The best way to do this,  is regain access to your hacked account again quickly, (yes you can get it back quickly, keep reading) … so you can send a text IM chat message to all your old contacts.  Here are some tips and other good suggestions:

  1. Get another Skype account if necesary. (Hint: download your contacts regularly – its a Skype feature – screen shot needed – under Tools > Advanced > Back up Contacts to File )
  2. Upload your contacts (from file)  to a new Skype account, and remember you will have to add them all and have them add you back .  This is also easier with the Skype add-on Message Magic, which I will talk about in a minute.
  3. A friend who knows all or many of your other Skype contacts can help too … though this is not ideal as they will likely not have ALL of the same contacts as you, nor do you want to burdon them with helping you.
  4. Skype Group or Public Chat room(s) are helpful for this too. Tip: make sure you have yourself and at least one other host in your Skype Chat room;  choose hosts who will help you administrate the chat room, add/remove  members, etc.
  5. And make yourself  (in another account) a host on your Skype chat room also. Hosts have all the powers of  the Creator except … Only a creator can promote other members to hosts. Tip: Let me know if you want me to make you a  Skype chat room you control (for a smalll fee) and also (another tip), you can read about more Skype chat roles & controls at the bottom= More resources.
  6. Send a Broadcast Warning to all your contacts as quickly ar you can. Tip: to do this easily and quickly, use   Message Magic …

To Warn Your Skype Contacts & Groups Takes Only a  Few Minutes

Using a tool like Message Magic or MMIM makes this easy and fast.  These Skype tools will allow you to send a message to all your contacts  or  contact groups all at once. Otherwise this can be a very tedious process sending messages or making calls to all your Skype contacts one at a time,  that is, if you have many . While there is no free trial,  even though it looks like you can use the tool , until it errors your attempt to send the message,  go ahead and make the purchase for a month. (Forgive me Grant) If you are really strapped, the owner is going to hate me telling you this, … there is a  7 day refund period (but unless your really struggling, please consider not asking for that, if it has helped you).  Just unsubscribe before 30 days if you have no more use for it.  Here is a page on my blog about Message Magic.

Stop Skype Hackers From Infecting or Phishing Your Skype Contacts & Friends

Please know that if  your Skype account was hacked it will be used to send phishing (phony) files and links to all your Skype contacts, friends and family.  For those of us who use Skype for business,  who have many Skype contacts, this becomes even more critical.  Do not fall into the trap of thinking, “Well, if they do not know better and click a link or accept a file that is unexplained or unexpected, without verifying what it is and that the sender is who they say they are. then they deserve it.” …. I urge you to be kinder and wiser.   Check the attitude and be a part of  the solution already ok?

Be Wise About Skype

Many people do not yet know about Skype phishing or that their friends accounts can be hacked!  A Skype friend, contact or even family member could be hacked and fool them into trusting a link or file. I know of people who are very smart about these things, and about being safe online and even who know Skype and even… Skype hacking, who STILL  lost their Skype to a hacker recently!

Expecting a File or Link from a Skype contact?  Beware…

some of the folks I know who got their Skype hacked  are very smart and even technically savey people!  Several Skypers I know who lost thier account where even expecting files or links from clients! Please please ALWAYS  check before clicking a link in email or Skype even if it is from a friend! Even if you are expecting it.

Want Help Recovering Your Skype?

Gently and politely persist. It  absolutely works. And  try the Live Chat Skype support, it really helps. I will be blogging and YouTubing more about Skype Live Chat and how to avoid getting your Skype hacked or taken over via phishing more soon.

Meantime, if I can help, please contact me at  this message toll free US/Canadian phone # 800-566-2823 or Skype me. If you reply back on any of the Newsletter emails, I will reply via email or come find you on a new Skype account.  If I help you, feel freed to send donations via PayPal or buy a coaching session as a donation if you can, but do not let that stop you from getting my help. I love helping and I love Skype. Let me know how I can help, ok?

More Resource…

I will come back here to put more useful resources later (hopefully). I have to publish this quickly (forgive the typos, etc) before  the blinking power goes out. We are having our first freeze, and snow here in Western Washington and Tahuya. Call me  and I will be glad to offer my help 800-566-2823 or Skype me here. … more later.

Please comment below and add to the knowledge. Let me know what else can be done here , how this post can be more useful. Thanks for reading.  Julie out. blink blink blink….


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  1. Elouise Lord

    Great advice. I did not know they had a Live Skype Chat. Now that I do if I get hacked again, I know where to go for help.

  2. Julie Wolf

    Yes Skype Live Chat Support is a wonderfully helpful new Skype discovery. I will try to write up how to get to it soon. I am also making a video next to show how to access Live Chat. I will link to this post here when it is published.

  3. Julie Wolf

    I got some good questions from someone on Skype that I will share along with the answers with you…

    [11/24/2010 9:31:51 PM] MySkypeFriend says: Julie, I am seeing skype as so complicated – are you saying that the virus notice I continually see on my skype (it’s been there for days!) is caused by a hacker and there is really no virus? Or, rather, has a hacker messed up my skype system meaning – nor virus, but a hacker? What a mess!

    [11/24/2010 9:33:41 PM] MySkypeFriend says: Another question – is anything like this that happens on skype connected to my computer – email, etc.? Or is it separate?

    [4:51:52 PM] Julie Wolf ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø Teaching Skype for Business says: hmmm… I can answer some of that now… and more later if you really want to know

    This “virus” (or trojan or worm), while usually coming from Skype, has been known to come from email… and effect your Skype, and also can effect your computer. What this “malware” does is gain access to your contacts lists … in this case Skype, hacking Skype accounts is part of what they do.

    If you have had a virus notice on your Skype for days, then do not click any links or accept any Skype files. Let me know if you want my help. You may want to block the contact that sent it to you for now. Is it some one you know?

    I get at least 3 types of these sent to me often from both contacts and strangers … a file sent via Skype, a link sent via chat (sometimes as a security warning telling me to click a link or an invitation to check out a picture of them or even to and login, check my picture or Check our my profile or other ploys), and even by email as well…. these are all phishing attempts.

    As long as you carefully cancel and do not click on anything or accept a file, these messages will not hurt you.

    Either block the person to stop the hacker (often taking over your friends Skype account). Blocking them will stop them from sending more to you, or ask Skype to place a Full Block on the account and then do your best to contact that person, (looking at their profile to get a website, blog or phone number to reach them will not hurt you) … and also ask Skype to email them at the email address before the change with instructions on how to recover the Skype account.

    Change your passwords on Skype and email if in doubt.

  4. Lisa Simpkins

    This is some very helpful information Julie and I plan to help you get the word out by placing a backlink to my 4 blogs,telling friends and posting in my Facebook groups.I hope it brings some traffic your way.

  5. Julie Wolf

    Why thank you Lisa, your support is much appreciated.

  6. Wendy & Tony

    Thank You Julie for this important information…. we really appreciate it.

  7. Xarah

    Julie, I got another fishy message yesterday. I put it in your skype room. And today another one. While I trust this person and was curious what he found I clicked on the link and it wanted me to download an .exe file. Lucky me being on a Mac I’m being asked if I want to do that. I marked both friends as “hacked”.

  8. Julie Wolf

    You did the right thing Xarah by blocking those hacked Skype accounts. I didn’t realize MAC gave extra protection when you click a link in your Skype. Thats great. FYI clicking on links sent by others in Skype without being certain what they lead to, is not recommended, even if it is from someone you know. Try copying the link into a proxy server url window if you are curious about a link. (You can always unblock them when / if they get their Skype account back. Did you contact them to ask if they know their account is sending malicious links and files? It is perfectly safe to look at their Skype profiles and I believe you can even access their Skype profiles (the i icon) while they are a blocked contact of yours. Hopefully they have a phone number or a website or blog in their Profile where you can contact them. or if you are connected to them in Twitter. Facebook or some other social site you can contact them there. Feel free to send them to me or send them this blog post if they would like to recover their Skype account. I have had 100% success in recovering accounts for those who really want their Skype account back.

  9. Julie Wolf

    My Pleasure Wendy & Tony.

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