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Skype Room Info – original

Skype Room Info – original


Skype Room News & Updates:


Julies Long List of Skype Rooms

A list of Julie’s Skype rooms is here. Find the Skype chat topic you need most (one per customer (wink)) and let Julie know on skype which one you want to join and why. Tell her all about your plans and she will be happy to advise just the right room to join to help you with your current projects. If you want access to all her rooms, upgrade as a member on See You On Skype.


Skype Room Inner Circle Networking Membership And Skype Chat Room Directory


At long last, Julie Wolf, Skype Coach, Skype Expert & Skype Trainer is offering a membership to access any room and much much more. There is also direct access to Skype Live Chat Support, (even without a paid skype subscription), which is very handy when you have issues with your Skype, or may have lost your account to a Skype hack. Additionally, there will be all her Skype Training videos: how to use and benefit from Skype Tools like Message Magic, xSky, Skype Profile Mood Editors, etc, as well as Skype Room Tips, Skype Safety & Skype Hack Recovery Tips and her popular Skype strategies for permission based, targeted, responsive Skype contact list building for your favorite projects. Lets not forget Skype versions and Skype categories and contact group lessons too. If you want access to all this plus any skype room, upgrade as a member on See You On Skype.


Skype Room for Julie’s Skype Tips


Skype room for Julie Wolfs Skype Tips This first Skype Room is a sort of Front Lobby: This room is very close to being full if its not already. If you cannot access the room, then it means that it IS full. Click here for …  Skype Room Waiting List, a List of Julie’s Topic focused Skype rooms & Survey to help us help you better. If you can enter the room, please allow us to use this first room as a sort of “Front Lobby” and move you to another Topic Focused Skype room if it serves your needs, like our xSky Tips or Message Magic Skype Rooms or other team rooms. Take the Survey to let us know what type of Skype room do you need?

Would You Like to Get Help Getting Your Sites & Links Found?

Learn how to get your links on my Search Engine loved blog here. Did you know that your reply comment at the bottom of this page is a place you can introduce yourself and include your links.  This  will get found by the search engines when placed here on this blog page. I will show how in a video & talk about that more in a moment. Please read on.


Purpose & Benefits of this Skype Tips Room

This room is for using Skype for Business, Relationship Networking and List Building. We train & support you to use Skype, Skype Rooms of your own, a blog, Aweber Opt in Forms & Campaigns for blogs, as well as Online Conferencing, Audio and Video and how to market and make contacts using web 2.0 social networking.


Skype Room Full Access: Get Chatting and Posting Rights in Any of My Rooms


Once you private Skype me and let me know that you have read and agreed with the Skype Room Guidelines here, you can join any room you like, remember to ask for chatting and posting rights and let me know  Which Skype rooms you are interested in.

We also offer a Monday Introduce Yourself dayall day on your Monday, where ever you are in the world.  And to gain chatting rights (which you will need in order to introduce yourself and chat with others), all you need to do is connect with me on Skype and tell me you have read and agree with the room guidelines, tell me how you found me and why you want to enter my Skype room. That will get you chatting rights. Pretty simple.

First please ….

  •  Skype Room Guidelines

Requirements to be a member of this or any of Julie’s Skype rooms are as follows and will be updated as the need arises

  1. Please read and agree to these Guidelines. Tell me you agree with these Guidelines via a Skype chat with me and also below (Leave a Reply) saying you have read the Guidelines & you agree. And while there, add your introduction in the comments below. You can also add your Introduction in the Skype room as part of Introduce Yourself Monday ( read below about that & how to get a back link to your site). When you have read all this, scroll right to the bottom to find the link to click on that will take you to the post where you can add your introduction.
  2. I will need to approve your first comment on this blog. Then you can poist comments anywhere on my blog. Tell us your Intro on my blog is awaiting approval. Skype me.
  3. Please contact Julie in a private Skypeto get permission to post in this Skype Room. You must be added to Julie’s Skype contacts before posting here on this blog or in the room.

  4. No promoting please. If you have an event announcement, we used to have a Skype Networking rooms, if you need it skype Julie and ask about access to the Inner Circle Skype Room network as it is under development but still very valuable. Remember, we have a weekly Introduce Yourself Monday Skype Room too where we want to know whats new with you and you can link to your projects (no ads, just about you).

  5. Participate, ask questions, be helpful, make friends and add your intro and add your link each Monday both in the room and here. Tell us how you can help, who you help, your services & Products and how we might help you or describe what you may want help with yourself. This is very attractive. Now, it is fine if you miss a few weeks or a couple months even.  However, the room is getting full so people who do not participate for long periods may be removed from the room as there are limited “seats”.  It has  happened already that people have not been able to enter when the room got too full.  If this happens has to you, if you really want in, just let me know (Skype me).

  6. How to Get Chatting Rights: Note – You will be on Read Only when you first enter the room. We will allow posting again once you have complied with these guidelines,  which mainly means 1) added me Julie Wolf to your Skype contactsand telling me how you found this and why you want to enter her rooms, and 2) agree to the room Guidelines in writing as a text chat in Skype as a private message (pm) to my Skype … or  to a room host’s Skype (hosts are at the top of the room), and Lastly (optional) 3) post your introduction as a comment reply at the link at the bottom of this page here.

Comments & Introductions:

Please click here to add your introduction and links in a comment…. it you can not get it to work here is what you do:

Its all about Relationship List Building with Skype, with web 2.0 and with Aweber Email marketing.

Julie Wolf – Skype Tips Room for Relationship List Building & Relationship Marketing Support & Training - hosted by juliewolf.

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