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Update:  Message Magic is now, in my opinion, the best Skype tool available. As a Skype expert and Skype Tool trainer,  I have been asked many times what  is the best Skype tool. My honest answer is, while others have tried to improve on what Message Magic can do through the years, Message Magic has remained in the lead and continues to far surpassed itselt as a very powerful Skype contact management too. It  can also build you a huge Skype user database, and is the only tool that has a solution for you to filter millions of  Skype user profiles by keyword patterns which helps n building a targeted Skype contact list.

Best Skype Networking & Communication Tool

My recent exploration of the newest features added to Message Magic reveals that Message Magic is the best Skype Tool for Power Skype users and Networkers.  Check out the NEW Message Magic for yourself here, and be sure to skype me here and I will give you a prime spot in my matrix for you to upgrade closer underneath me so your team is my team!


Short Message Magic “Music” Video


Did you know that Message Magic got a LOT better recently? You can not only do all the things xSky and other similar tools can do, like extract skype users from group chats, add them as contacts all at once, group contact management, moving people i to targeted Skype  lists for bulk communication or broadcast messages, an ignore list, etc, but also…

  • Send a Mass Skype Message in THEIR Language with Auto-Translate
  • Keyword search from the Skype User Profile (including website, about and  mood text)
  • Keyword search from Skype chat history  all contacts at once,  even group chat history!
  • Send a voice mail broadcast via Skype? (coming soon)
  • Build a 2 Million+ Skype User Profile Database Monthly or more, its  nearly unlimited if you have a good internet connection and a fast optimized computer.


Message Magic - Explode Your Skype User Profiles Database


How to Build a Skype User Database of 50 Thousand a Night with Message Magic


If you are looking for info on Message Magic and want my support and training on how to powerfully network on Skype, using  Message Magic   such as …

  • How to communicate with Your Skype Contacts all at once, quickly and Privately!
  • How to Build a Targeted Responsive List of Skype Contacts using my Skype List Building Strategies with Message Magic
  • How to Find New Skype Contacts and have them add YOU instead of using the pattern search with either Message Magic (or xSky) (it is way better to be the hunted than the hunter), plus …
  • Get your own fully developed Skype Public Chat Room to build your own targeted Responsive list on Skype using my own creation, a Skype optin form and strategy
  • Watch a Videos for both xSky and Message Magic and see for yourself how they compare…
  • Learn about the Residual Income Stream options and …
  • Subscribe to my Skype for Business Training & Support  Below for…
  • Live & Recorded Trainings & Videos on How to Use Skype & with these powerful tools to build relationships for business, get Found, Known, Liked and Trusted




Subscribe To Julie’s Message Magic Training

Reminders, Recordings & Videos


  • Get New Blog Posts About Message Magic
  • Videos on how to use Skype & Message Magic to…
  • Build Your List… Targeted Skype Contact Lists
  • Using Permission Messaging Methods
  • Gain Access to my Message Magic 10 Day Challenge

Get New Blog Posts About Message Magic & Skype Use to Build Your List





Message Magic vs xSky


Message Magic and xSky both send personal messages to everyone on your Skype list or to any targeted category you choose all at once, rather than one at a time with the ease of automation! Both will allow you to send a personalized message to everyone all at once to keep in touch, make an announcement, share a video you like, a new blog post or invite someone to your business or offer. Both have search to “build your Skype contact lists”.

 While, both Message Magic and xSky allow you to search for and find new people for your online connections, projects and business, the difference is that xSky will only work  for your Skype contact  Skype Profile About or Mood messages , where as Message Magic  searches the those of non-contacts or users. Remember there are 100s if Millions of people on Skype. 

Message Magic now offers contact list management like nothing else! It allows you to organize your Skype lists into categories within your Skype much much more powerfully then it ever has before.  Message Magic, allows you to work see and sort your contacts in spreadsheets like MS Excell.  xSky has export contacts but does not allow you to open the the file in anything but xSky. This is not as useful. Message Magic  now has the ability to  move people into and out of categories within your Skype. The both have an ignore or do not send broadcasts list. The  functions now in Message Magic that allow you to work with the Mood and About messages in Skype Profiles of your contacts is an awesome addition for more targeted list building with Skype. You can tell who is a marketer, entrepreneur, business owner or builder. While very effective for searching for new Skype users, mood and about strings of your Skype contacts profiles is a very powerful and effective way to organize your contacts into useful follow up categories. Lastly, Message Magic allows you to send a message in your contacts language!


New Skype Tips and Message Magic Videos


I am making new videos to show you all the things I will be doing using Message Magic that makes managing an ever growing list of Skype contacts very manageable and good for business too. Be sure to subscribe below to get an email with a link to my new blog posts and videos as I make them over the months and years to come. I will also invite you to my own Skype Chat Rooms and other Skype products, trainings and offerings.


Refer Others and Earn with Message Magic


Share this software with other Skype users, or your team and it can pay for itself. Message Magic now has a better compensation plan when you refer others to use this Skype Software tool.  xSky  pays you under 50%  via Click Bank and has not team building benefit. Message Magic ow has a stable pay plan, a 3×7 forced matrix is good and looks like its stable and final.  But there are others with Skype Tools being developed and the race isnt over. Though Message Magic is most clearly has a huge lead in being the the best Skype tool, things do change, so Skype me for the current plans and ask for my recommendations.


Which do I prefer? I now prefer Message Magic


I am now preferring Message Magic, as the all the improvements made with xSky are now done in Message Magic yet  far surpassed and have even more very useful functions.  I am witnessing others impressions of both Message Magic and xSky and while xSky is less of a learning curve, its worth learning Message Magic’s amazing functions.

To Conclude, Make Your Own Choice: Message Magic or xSky, My Skype Contact List Building Lessons Are the Same


I will support you with Skype list building, and Skype business building via relationship building methods either way. I do have Skype chat rooms for both MM and xSky. Skype me if you want my support and training with either. I got pretty good at xSky functions over the summer (before Message Magic did its major overhaul). Either way, I can help.


The Money is in The Relationships with Your List
if your goal is to build lifelong relationships, and a Truly Responsive Skype List …


Then Use Message Magic!

What you do with the power these tools gives you, still needs to be done with care and consideration if your goal is to build lifelong relationships to prosper as a team or teams together. All my recorded audio and video trainings still apply here, no matter which tools you use with Skype. I will send you my best training’s when you subscribe . You still want to use proper and effective Skype etiquette, use the best networking and social practices, just as you would or should with any social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon etc, etc, etc).


How to Get My Recommendations, Skype Tips and List Building Strategies for Using Message Magic with Permission Skype Etiquette?



Nut Shell – What Does Message Magic Do?
* As a reminder of what Message Magic is all about., it is a Skype add on product that increases the power of Skype. Skype allows you to search 1 pattern at a time, add 1 contact at a time, send 1 message at a time, see 1 profile at a time. With  Message Magic the “1″ gets replaced by “as many as you want”. This change allows a person to very quickly grow a responsive warm market contact list, communicate much more effectively with groups, etc.

* A very nice feature is we can automatically translate messages from and to almost any language. What that means is you can create the message in your language and when you send it the recipient will receive the message in THEIR language! Very cool stuff…

* And if you’re so inclined you can send as many SMS text messages you want, in bulk, to any mobile phone on the planet.

* Also, the owner, Grant Andrews, makes it a personal priority to ensure all members not only get the help they need to get up and running with the software, but get help building your primary business as well. If there is anything  he can do to assist in these areas please let him know. His Skype id is webloot and he welcomes all conversations to assist.

* And as an extra benefit, paying members are also entitled to download and use 50 email addresses of known opportunity seekers each and every day. While not a huge number, some folks are in fact growing their businesses by using these leads. Ask me for the link once you have upgraded.


Did You Know THIS About Message Magic;s Pay Plan?


* Message Magic has been Live since 2008!
* Every Monday is pay day.
* There are unlimited fast start bonuses of $10 each.
* There are unlimited recurring monthly bonuses of $6 each.
* Over $5600 monthly in recurring matrix commissions.
* Unlimited 1st generation bonuses.
* Unlimited 2nd generation bonuses.
* Unlimited Leadership Pool.

To take advantage of the software and pay plan offered to you, all you need to do is click here. Need Help with Message Magic & Skype? Check out these links:

* Recorded Downloadable  Trainings
* Help Desk


Need Help with Message Magic & Skype?

Check out these links:


About me and Skype…

I do not work for Skype. I have trained people how to use Skype since 2003. How to use Skype for business networking and relationship marketing. I will have a Skype Tips ebook avaialbe at a discount to Members only.  I have a Skype Tips chat room and have written a customizable shared email series that encourages your contacts, your lists, to build a relationship with you on Skype. This pre-written series is part of the Elite Membership in Sales Funnel Secrets. (Sales Funnel Secrets is under construction at the moment, but you can still use it as an Elite Member for your own email ezine for making money online niche, for Skype contact List Building and for getting started with blogging.)


  1. My Skype Tips and Training are here,
  2. Message Phone : toll free US and Canada 1-800-566-2823
  3. Private Coaching Options.
  4. Skype me – send a text on Skype anytime (if I am on “Do Not Disturb” , I will answer later, I promise),  and be sure to add me as a Skype friend for help or questions about Skype or Message Magic - My Skype id is JulieWolf or click here for my Skype Tips & Skype Contact Buttons.

Learn to network, build relationships by telling not selling. You can do better then just building contact lists, learn to build connections! We can help you with Message Magic for Skype.

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