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Message Magic 10 Day Challenge


Skype Message Magic 10 Day Challenge

… Julie Wolf’s Message Magic Training

Take Julie’s Message Magic 10 Day Challenge for a step by step Message Magic Training. You will see how you can use Message Magic to get real results in Skype like … Watch the Video & Read List of Benefits Below:

3 Minute Video About Julie’s 10 Day Message Magic Challenge”


A Few Powerful Benefits Of Message Magic 10 Day Challenge


  • Get Setup to Start a Skype User Profile Search in 30 seconds a day!
  • Find 5000 Skype User Profiles per hour or 70,000 in 12 hours on auto-pilot!
  • Safely Use a New Skype Prospecting Account to Select & Filter Skype Users into a Skype Prospect Funnel
  • Safely Backup & Keyword Search Your Skype Chat History, Skype Categories and also Skype Contacts!
  • Build Targeted, Permission Skype Lists to Funnel Skype Users to Your Main Skype Account and ┬áCategories for faster communication, better follow up and contact management.
  • Read More Here & Watch My 2 min Message Magic “Music” Video

skype funnel the Message Magic Skype User Profile Database

Get the Message Magic 10 Day Challenge eCourse – Take Day 1 Free BEFORE You Use Message Magic

To get a few steps a day emailed to you and also get Message Magic training reminders by Skype, be sure to opt-in below. You can optin to either the email series for the 10 day challenge or both the email eCourse and the Skype eCourse. Fun new Skype tricks! Get real results in just 10 days!


Step by Step Message Magic and Skype 10 Day Challenge!

These Steps will take you easily through the hard technical stuff to results on minutes a day.

Whose Julie Wolf? I am a Skype Coach, Trainer, Skype Room Owner and Expert, Owner of a Skype Room and Skype Person Directory and Skype Social Media Consultant Trainer – I train and certify you to be a Skype Trainer, Skype Manager or Skype Social Media Consultant or Virtual Assistant. Visit for more info.
Thank you for reading this far, do Skype me and tell me your plans for Skype Networking or Skype for Business and I hope you get great results with Message Magic!

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