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Skype Room Guidelines

Skype Room Guidelines


My Skype Room Guidelines



Join a skype room from a list of Julie Wolf’s Skype Chat Topics for Business & Social Networking, Skype Support, Social Share Skype Clubs, Internet Marketing Topics & Skype Tips hosted by juliewolf.

Julie Wolf – Skype Tips & Social Networking Learning Rooms for Relationship List Building & Relationship Marketing Support & Training – hosted by juliewolf.

Please Follow These Instructions to Join one of Julie’s Skype Rooms:

  1. Add me as a Skype Contact here.  Note: I get over 500 Skype contact requests regularly. You may have to tell me why you are adding me to get added back, or what room you want to join,  which Skype Category of mine you have an interest in. Try coming to my Skype Trainings and ask me to add you back on Skype and I’ll often add you on the spot.
  2. Read & Agree in writing with these General Skype Room Guidelines. Skype me a text IM message that you have ….  “Read & Agree with the General Skype Room Guidelines …” Copy and paste that to me if you need to after you have read this page. 
  3. IMPORTANT:  If I do not know you, tell me how you found me and why you want to connect with me –  do any of these:
  4. Choose one of My Skype Categories here.
  5. Do you want my Skype Tips or Skype Trainings? Tell me.
    • then, a few suggestions for good Skype Networking & Masterminding…
  6. (optional) Tell us about YOU once you are in the rooms …a good idea to get found, known, liked and trusted on Skype and finally …
  7. Which Skype Room do you want to join? Skype me and let me know please, read the NOTE in #1 above carefully.

Note: You will be on Read Only upon first entering the skype chat. You will get instructions for gaining chatting rights below as well as from the Room hosts once you enter.


General Skype Room Guidelines

  • Once inside the Skype room, you will find valuable Topic Focused Skype Room Guidelines. Please let me know in the room, you have read and agree with the Focused Inside Room Rules and Resources. Use this exact Skype command inside the chat box in the rooms to view them:    /get guidelines
  • Be Nice. Be Supportive. No fighting. Debates welcome as they are educational. Flaming  and bashing are not tolerated.
  • No Skype Calls to my Skype Rooms without my permission. Meetings are inside the guidelines:   /get guidelines
  • No Sending Files or Contacts into my Rooms, nor dragging people in without their permission. If people want to join, send them here to follow these instructions or ask me for the join link to share with them, but first introduce us and send them as a contact to me (Send Contact is under Share as a Skype function).
  • Links, marketing messages, advertisement and promotions are not allowed without my permission in my Skype rooms.  Resources that are on topic to the focus and purpose of each Skype Room are usually welcome – check with me or a host if you are not sure. Hosts are linked to inside the internal guidelines also. I may consider a JV agreement that is mutually beneficial and valuable content for my members.
  • No harvesting of Skype contacts from my rooms. Building relationships and networking using permission methods are fine. No Skype Spam in or outside my Skype rooms sent to my members is allowed. Please DO report violators (Send Contact to me or hosts listed inside the room guidelines   /get guidelines).
  • DO contribute to the conversation to add value and build community. Ask questions and answer them or respond if no one else has. Be active at least once a month. Inactive members may be temporarily removed during quarterly “house cleaning” …
  • You can join again when ready (/kick vs /kickban). I rarely need to ban someone from my rooms as they are well moderated with hosts I train myself and a helpful and valuable community culture built by the members.
  • Know that chatting rights are revoked for violating Skype Room Guidelines, either these General guidelines or the internal room Focused Topic Rules and Resources inside the room. If this happens, you can get chatting rights back again by simply re-reading the guidelines specific for that room and or these general ones and letting me know you have read and agree.

Topic Focused Skype Room Rules & Resources


Inside Skype Room Guidelines



Skype Room Join ButtonThese are my General Skype Room Guidelines. In addition to these general guidelines, inside each Topic Focused Skype Group Chat there are guidelines I like to call Room Rules and Resources. These are specific to each skype chat discussion and give you “hidden treasures” like meeting times, swipe files, steps to take, links to resources everyone needs, all helpful and relevant to the purpose and focus of the Skype Chat. View the “hidden” or internal Room Resources with Skype command: /get guidelines entered into the chat box as you would a text message.


How to Get Skype Room Chatting Rights

You can post text IM (aka chat) in a Skype Room once you have complied with these guidelines, which mainly means:

  1. Add me (Julie Wolf) to your Skype contacts, telling me how you found me or my Skype rooms and why you want to enter my rooms
  2. Agree to the room Guidelines in writing as a text chat in Skype as a private message (pm) to me in your  add request message while adding me, or in Skype with you, or tell a Skype room host, you can find their Skype Profile links in the internal Skype room guidelines – enter /get guidelines into the room), and
  3. Tell us what you hope to gain by being a member of the Skype Room.

Join One Skype Room For Starters – Skype Tips

Read & Agree to These Skype Room Guidelines to Enter My Skype Tips Room

Its all about Relationship List Building with Skype, with Social Media, Social Networking, Video and in my case, List building with Skype and Email marketing with Aweber.

Julie Wolf – Skype Tips Room for Relationship List Building & Relationship Marketing Support & Training – hosted by juliewolf.

Join now

Join us on Skype! Chat about what’s on your mind or ask questions from the professional social net workers and internet marketers in the rooms. 

More Skype Room Info:

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  • Monday Introduce Yourself Day – click here
  • See You On Skype – Membership Inner Skype Networking Circle, Skype Learning University for Social Media Certification specializing in Skype Management to find work as a Skype Virtual Assistant, consultant or trainer click here

See you on Skype!

I hope to work with you to add value in a Skype room.

I, Julie Wolf, am a Skype room expert. I own many Skype rooms and help other Skype room owners and moderators setup, manage and move their Skype rooms, I call this Skype room Life Cycle. My own valuable Skype rooms are listed as part of my membership site and Skype Training center at I own a Skype Chat Directory and Skype people directory. I created a Skype Room Optin Form with Guidelines that include adding you the room owner or moderator and agreeing to the guidelines as an automated process to entering your room. I have several Skype room Trainings, one for moderators and one for Skype room life cycle. I also have a training series on how to best use my Skype Room Directory at Gain a Social Network Certification specializing in Skype to become a expert Skype Manager, Consultant, Trainer, Coach or even become a Skype Room Virtual Assistant at my membership site SeeYouOnSkype


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