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Skype Training Questions For Today

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I would like to answer many of the questions I got this week in my Skype Training today. Today is Thursday Skype Training Webinar covers:

  • Skype Marketing
  • Skype Rooms
  • Skype Traffic Generation
  • Skype Safety & Hack Recovery
  • Skype Etiquette for Business & Skype Networking and
  • Answering You Skype Questions Every Thursday:

Thursday 3:30 PM PST
from: Dec 8, 2011 to Dec 22, 2011
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Skype Training on Skype Safety & Skype Hack Recovery

Hacked Skype

Q: PB – They say not to click links in skype?

Skype Training on Skype Rooms

Q: CB – Julie thank you for your response. I would like to make my own skype room with rules and have hosts I believe I can get from my business such as Drs. and top earners.

skype-versions-on-desktop - Use skype 3.8 with Message Magic

My Desktop Shortcuts to Skype v 3, v4, v5.3, v5.5

Skype Training on Skype 3.8

Q: CB: Julie how do you update your skype to 3.8 if you don’t have and does this cost to do this. Asking as next week plan to upgrade with message magic with monthly payment. Accordng to message majic you need to have skype 3.8?

Q:  Sissy - Nancy told me you would be the one to talk to about my skype name. Is there any way of changing it without losing all my contacts

Q: PS – one of my questions will be how I can get the message magic 50000 people a night (profiles) make sure once you explain that I can fully understand were you click at to do that.

Skype Networking & Skype Marketing

Q: CB – Do you have to have something like message magic to reach out globally or would skype training be enough?

Q: SG – How can I use Skype to my best advantage. I would like to avdertise here but not sure how

Q: BH – I plan to blast an ad to 1000 people on my Skype contact list, like an email broadcast, but do not want to talk to all of them until they sign up as a free member. “I need to hit masses and get my link out there. So, it could be a blast ad first, then an autoresponder (Skype Auto Reply) with my link, then if folks wanted more info from me to follow up with them and to talk one one, that is fine, but I want folks to register for free – then I’ll talk to them.”

What is Permission Targeted Skype List Building Anyway?

Skype Training Demo of Skype Cetegories

Q: if you use this one I have to add you to the permission lists you like. Do Skype Category Demo with Berkeley.

Next Week I will research and give an update and more Skype Training on:

* Peter B – what happens when you add contacts Peter? it says I need an internet connection.
* Dissappearing Conacts
* How to get Skype Live Support even if you are not a paying customer of Skype’s

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