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Skype Training

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Welcome to Julie’s Skype Training.
Here is what this page will give you access to…



About Julie’s Skype Training

I teach people how to use Skype for Business and or the best online communication, for projects, teams and networking and relationship building for both project and business growth.


Know More Possibilities With Skype & Skype Training

I also teach you how to use Skype and Skype tools to be more efficient, attract people to your project, product or service, building your business with the right people or prospect. You want your skype contacts to be responsive and engage in your common interests. I teach social network permission methods with Skype, aka, good Skype etiquette. I expose people to more possibilities with Skype tools like Message Magic, xSky, Multi-Skype Launcher, Mood editors, Skype language translators and how they work too. I share how to take advantage of this wonderful application, Skype and all its plugins and add ones, to achieve the best results in networking, community building with Skype rooms, Skype lead generation & list building, database growth and customer retention. There is a right way and a wrong way to network – I will show you the correct way to be found, known, liked and sought after using Skype and Skype tools like, Message Magic, xSky, Seek&Send, etc.

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Learn How to Skype for Business with Powerful Skype Tools

Here is a list of topics I train on about Skype, Skype Tools, Skype networking and business building, etc:

  • How to Skype Basics – Get My Skype Tips Here
  • Skype for Business
  • Skype Contact List Building, Skype Networking, Skype Etiquette, Targeted Skype Lists using Skype Categories and Permission Skype messaging.
  • Skype Tools : Mood Editors, Multi-Skype Launcher, Message Magic, xSky and more
  • My Skype Directory – Get found on Skype, Find people on Skype, Find Skype Chat Rooms on Your Topic, Niche or business
  • Skype Room Setup and Life Cycle and how to use Skype commands
  • Skype Time Management
  • Skype Safety and Skype hack recovery
  • Skype Help, Skype Support options
  • Skype memberships – Mine and yours – introduction to mine: and yours – how to have your own paid for Skype Room membership.
  • Skype Lab – Ask Skype Questions and Get Help Getting Things Done – Schedule one of these here (must login to gmail) and if you get 10 people to come and its free. If I like the topic or find there is a demand for it, and you schedule it a week in advance, I’ll do it for free also – so tell me your question or need for help in the description box above my info.

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What We Train You on in my Skype Rooms & Webinars


Skype TrainingAt the moment my training includes Skype, Message Magic for targeted list building on Skype, YouTube Video Skype Room – Holiday Video Social Share project training – click to watch my video and read all about it, Skype networking on Mondays, WP blogging Skype Room (private invitation only) and Twitter (all in Skype rooms), and we are planning a lot more for the future – for example, Facebook Friday to teach people how to use FaceBook to network correctly and also LinkdIn. We will inform you about these plans as subscribers to my Skype Tips.

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Best Skype Tool How to Use Them

Once a week I offer free Skype Training on How to use Skype Tools. Learn how to make an eye catchng mood message visable next to your Skype picture with clickable text links. Or get my training on how to run more than one Skype account with Multi Skype Launcher. Or over come the learning curve with tools like xSky or Message Magic. Register to Trainings here.

 The Best Skype Tool

Which is my favorite Skype Add-on? the best Skype tool I have ever seen and I am very excited to give you training on how to use.  Skype tools that allows you to search and add targeted contacts on Skype and send them personalized bulk messages all at the same time with a ew clicks, get your audience re-engaged and activated. Skype Strategies that allow:

  • better contact management to organize your Skype contacts and groups lis Skype Liss
  • auto language translation
  • searching full Skype profile data and even Skype chat history and voice broadcasting and mobile sms
  • Skype can become a huge business builder for you. Do others ask you how to build business on Skype? Check out the referral pay plan, a unique income opportunity with Message Magic where you can earn from the people who your referral refers too.

Don’t have a sponsor yet? Get Message Magic from me and benefit from my Skype and Message Magic Training.

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Where Is The Training Held?

How Can It Help You with Skype Strategies?


My Skype Training cover 4 Topics

  1. Skype Marketing
  2. Skype Room Group Chat Community
  3. Skype Tips, Basics or Beginners and Updates & Changes or those who have used Skype or awhile
  4. Skype Hack Safety & Recovery

Please login at to join he SYOS member rooms or details on Member Training and Private Coaching Trainings.  The member Skype rooms will be where you can ask your questions and get them answered on he Webianrs. Enter the training webinars with your password and when scheduled – keep reading for schedule and how to get password.

If you need a deep discount to Live Trainings for members and Skype Training, become a  Member of Here!

Post Pony - I am PostponingMeet my Post Pony!  

Occasionally I will invite those who are on my “Wants MM Training” or “Wants Skype Room Trainings”  or “Wants Skype Trainings ” Skype lists (Categories) to a private coaching session.  Be sure to Skype me if you want on that list (Call me on Skype to get my attention if that is what you want,  or leave a message at 1-800-566-2823,  and I will add you or make sure you are on one of these  Skype update lists. Which do you want? Here’s how and an example of my own Skype Categories.   I can not talk mind you, no time now, but i will be glad to invite you to the next private coaching session, if you ask me to add you to the skype category of your choice.

Why I am PostPonying? I must spend some time now organizing for my launch of and the Message Magic 10 Day Challenge, and for a webinar  Skype Training Series as well as a certification program for Social Media Consultants specializing in Skype Management, Skype Training and Skype VA services, and Message Magic trainers. If you are interested, please do Skype me. If you would like to take the Message Magic 10 Day Challenge go here. If you need a deep discount to Live Trainings for Message Magic 10 Day Challenge and Skype Training, become a Beta Discount PayPerView Member of Here!

For a list of topics I cover to help your business with Skype click here.

What Skype Category Do You Want Training On?

Maybe you would like me to invite you to a spontaneously planned private coaching session? Skype me to let me know what  Skype List/Category to put you on so you get invitations to my training and webinars. What is your interest or to see an example of Skype List Building and Skype Categories go here.

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Training Schedule

You’re invited, as a member of,  to any of my Skype & Message Magic one to two hour Trainings, right now they are all open Q& A on Message Magic 10 Day Challenge, beginning, intermediate and advanced training schedules are below.

Paid Beta Discount Members of  are invited to meet with me Tuesday 7 -8:30 pm est and Monday and Thursday 3 – 4:30 pm est.


Skype Safety Webinars




Free  Sessions are given for Skype Safety as well as for  SYOS Orientations. Bring your guests to learn how much more is possible with Skype! Days and times are scheduled in the calender below.  You and your guests are invited to join all free sessions … or  to access ALL Advanced Skype and Skype Tool Trainings, upgrade to Discount PayPer View here, (normally $47/mo or more) now only $7/mo for a limited time.


 The Training Calender

Explore the Training Calender and Add This Google Calender to your own, or any class you like.

  • Mondays – 3:00 pm EST  – 90 minutes (come early, limited seating) Message Magic Beginner/Intermediate and MM Trainers in Training. We will have open Q & A, 10 Day Challenge, emphasizing Skype Permission Networking Strategies, Skype Prospect Funnel to send the MM DataBase and Skype Room Added Contact List Building Strategies.
  • aka SYOS Orientation is for you members and their guests – Click to enter here when scheduled in the above Calender.
  • Tuesdays –  7 pm EST  – 90 minutes (limited seating) MM Beginners and MM Trainers in training. Currently Giving Skype Funnel Lessons and 10 Day Challenge and open Q & A for MM Beginners and MM Trainers Training.
  • Thursdays – 3:00 pm EST – 90 minutes (limited seating -come early) ) Normally Skype Training – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Skype – Currently Giving Skype Funnel Lessons, 10 Day Challenge and open Q & A for MM Intermediate and Advanced Users as well as other Skype Tools.
  • __?__ Day a week  - Orientation Presentation… tba

How to Get in?

Scroll Down For Time Conversions, Join Links & How to Get Your Password to Enter Private Trainings


Julie’s Message Magic Open Q&A 3 days a week, covers – How to use Message Magic – a 10 Day Challenge to get past the techie setup stuff step by steps, to start on Day 2 to Build a Skype User Database of over  5000 per hour, that’s 70,000 in 12 hours and a Million in 2 weeks if run on auto-pilot for 12 hrs a day, setting up permission lists in categories contact management and follow up, using and switching between Skype versions 3.8 and your favorite current version 5 (or 4), setting up category strategies for your projects.

Click these links to enter with Your VIP Password as early as 5 to 30 minutes early to hold your seat.


Yes please login, join or upgrade to your Beta Discount PayPerViewMembershop here at to get your own VIP Password. The link to enter is there, have your password ready and click to enter below:

Monday 3:00pm EST
(Enter early) Click Here to Enter With Your SYOS Webinar Password. Get Password from home page at as a Discount Member.

Space is limited and is on a first come first serve basis.

Julie’s Tuesday Skype Tools Training – currently doing MM Beginner Trainings and MM Trainers in Training.  Open Q&A . For Intermediate or Advanced , or Skype questions in general, come Thursdays or Mondays.

Tuesday  7:00 to 8:30 pm EST
Limited Seating –  Come early Click Here to Enter With Your Password Here . Get Password from home page at as a Discount Member.

Thursday Meetings

  • Currently doing open Q &A for Message Magic mostly, including desktop share, remote access for those who want me to do it for them (fee-donation pay what you can afford) to help my team, 1st 15 min free per week per team member.  Take the 10 Day MM Challenge here.
  • Skype Training Webinar – Next month, we will return to Skype Everything covering: Skype Rooms, Skype Traffic Generation, Skype Marketing, Skype Safety & Hack Recovery, Skype Etiquette for Business & Skype Networking and Everything You Wanted to know about Skype but didn’t know who to ask (ask me on Skype) every Thursday:

Thursday 2:30pm EST
Limited Seating –  Come early  Click to Enter With Your VIP Password Here . Get Password from home page at as a Discount Member.

Remember! – These conferences are FREE for now, but not for much longer.

Time Converters: To convert webinar times to yours, click here. To find out more about Internet Time, click here.

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When will you find some one in the room?

If there is nobody in the room, please tour the options on this page by clicking on the different links. Be sure to check out the One on One Coaching with Julie Wolf. Free coaching is available on certain Skype and Message Magic topics for a limited time. Skype me for the link to get more info or live support on Skype when there is nobody in the room or you cant get in. We are all available on Skype. If you need to contact one of us urgently here is the contact information of people you can contact…. Note: To add Julie Wolf as a Skype Contact please tell her why (choose any of these reasons) in a Skype text chat with her also – How-can-i-help-you-on-skype ) …

IMPORTANT: Once you connect with us you will learn how to get nearly round the clock instant Skype contact with us, as we are located around the globe. I love Skype’s global connectivity!

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Skype Support On Skype

{see below}

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Skype Rooms

I have created an assortment of Skype Rooms for people to get support in. I have hosts in each of these rooms and they are open 24/7. You can almost always find someone in there who can give you some advice if you need help. Here is a list of the rooms that you can join. At the top of each room you will find a set of guidelines that have to be agreed with and adhered to. This is to ensure we all have a pleasant networking and learning experience in each room. You may want to join one or maybe more than one Skype Room according to your needs.

  • Skype Targeted List Building with Message Magic
  • Learn to network on Skype with real people in my Introduce Yourself Skype Room on Mondays.
  • Skype Tips – I have a Skype Guide for Newbies almost ready to Launch, and this will be followed by a Skype Tips eBook for advanced users and Skype for Business all soon to be found at
  • Skype Room for learning Twitter where you get to try another way of networking that is very easy with “mini blogging” on Twitter.
  • There are more Web 2.0 methods that I will give training on soon. Watch the training calendar for details.

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How Skype & I Can Help You with Skype?

Skype is the best Instant Messenger and communication tool in the world, via mobile devices, internet and even TV! It is free and can be used for text messaging, free calls skype to skype, very low cost skype to phone, conference calls and video calls. Get my Skype Tips, ask me Skype questions and if you haven’t added me on Skype yet, please remember to text me why and how I can help you on Skype and with Skype (only my contacts may call me) Please text only with your reason or Skype question – How Can Julie Help You on Skype?

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Are my Skype Tips and Trainings recorded? Yes.

All the best Skype Training Sessions are recorded and available from:

  1. My See You On Skype members area here (under development)
  2. Some of the best free Skype Training is recorded and emailed to you as a Skype Tips Subscriber or
  3. Find my Skype Tips on Twitter or
  4. Or on my YouTube Channel you can find my free Skype Tip Videos
  5. Or Join My Topics Focused Skype Rooms to learn many things about how to market on the internet.

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Get my Skype Tips

Where to Start? Get My Skype Tips

If you are on the Skype Tips Update List, you will receive new Skype Tips, New Skype Rooms, New Skype Tip blog posts, eBooks, Video Tutorials and Live Training as well as notification when and where my training is taking place.

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My wish? That my Skype Training serves your real needs.

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