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xSky Video Skype Subscription & Chat Room

Posted on May 1, 2011 in List Building, Skype, Skype Room, Skype Tips, Video, xSky | 0 comments

Who Wants My xSky Videos?

Subscribe to Julie Wolf’s xSky Video Skype Broadcasts and Skype Chat Room – an Experiment on Opt-in Skype List Building

Skype, Skype me, Skype Relationship Marketing, Skype Attraction MarketingI am having fun making videos for Skype and xSky to teach people what they can do with these two awesome communication tools that work together. Quite a few of you have said you want to know when I make new videos. Yes I know, you could subscribe to my Julie Wolf YouTube channel, but then you would have to login and notice when I make a new Video or perhaps relay on your unreliable email to get my new videos. What if you want to know on Skype as soon as they are published? Perhaps a video is my answer to your xSky questions you Skype me.

Want Your Own Skype Subscription Form, Skype Room with Join Button & Guidelines to Build Your Skype List?

Click Here.

Would a Skype Subscription Be Better then an Email or a You Tube Subscription?

Skype is better then email, at least for the avid Skype user like myself. If you want to communicate with me, Skype me. I have said that for years. And it is true. But if you want to receive something from me by Skype, say my latest Skype or xSky videos, is there a better way? Maybe. Here is an idea.

What if you could subscribe to my content, my blog posts or videos via Skype?

xSky, xSky for Skype, Skype Contact ManagementLets try this. I have a Skype Optin Form I invented. Below you will see it in action. What if you could subscribe to your favorite content I create and have it delivered via Skype? So, if you want my You Tube videos about Skype, and xSky, then you can opt-in from the form below. WARNING: pop up blockers need to be shut off. You will get popups asking if it is OK to launch an application, that is Skype. You can set it to allow Skype uri links (skype:? type chat & blob= type links), if you know, like and trust the idea. (Many more will start to emerge on this blog and my own Chat Room Directory coming soon). If you still can not get into the Skype Chat room for my xSky videos and Skype Tips, then click on my Skype button below the form and let me know you are subscribing to the xSky and Skype video chat room and updates.

xSky Video Skype Subscription and Skype Chat Guidelines

Skype Chat Room Join Button for xSky for Skype VideosOK Lets see if this works. You will have to agree with the guidelines and add me (if you are not a Skype contact yet), to enter the Skype chat room. These Skype Chat Room Guidelines include member contact policy, on topic link posting policy, supportive attitude &participation policy and last but not least, you agree to receive on topic skype messages from me about xSky videos. Agree to all to enter the xSky video Skype chat room:

  1. You agree to only send xSky videos to other members of this skype chat room, with their permission. Report violators to Julie Wolf. No Skype Spam! Attend our webinars to learn permission Skype messaging for free.
  2. Link Posting Policy: The Purpose of this Skype chat room is Julie Wolf’s xSky videos. Do not post off topic links. The only links that are allowed in this Skype chat room are to Julie’s xSky videos and blog posts. Ask permission to post other links in the chat or to the members in private.
  3. Positive and supportive behavior is required, and when you become inactive for longer then 1 month, you may be removed, but it is unlikely until the room fills up (300). Bookmark this page to re-enter this chat.
  4. By entering here, you agree that you have an interest in and want to recieve Julie Wolf’s xSky videos including links delivered via your private Skype chat with her so adding her if you are not yet a contact is required. (Note: This is the Skype Subscription or Broadcast Opt-in concept and process- cool huh?)
  5. Unsubscribe Anytime: You agree to “opt-out” of receiving these Skype messages on xSky Videos when you want to stop receiving them via Skype by entering into the private Skype chat with Julie Wolf this “unsubscribe” command: -xsky ignore me-. You agree xsky must be running to activate this and to wait for Julie’s response. You may also make a Skype call to Julie to bring your Skype event to her notice. Thank you for your permission and patience with this Skype subscription process as it is a new concept. You understand I, Julie Wolf, intend only permission messaging methods, only want to send you what you ask for and I will remove you asap. You also agree to leave the Skype chat room unless other arrangements are made.

Trouble Entering the Skype Chat & Subscription above? After agreeing to all the above, Skype me here to tell me you are interested in my Skype subscription to my xSky videos and you can also try Clicking this Join Link to enter Julie Wolf’s xSky Videos Skype Chat Room here.

Skype Chat Room Join Button for xSky for Skype Videos

Want Your Own Skype Opt-in Form
Build a Permission Skype List?

Skype Username:
SkypeChatURI (/get uri) if available:

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