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Zeek Rewards News

Posted on Aug 17, 2012 in affiliate marketing, Business Opportunities, Marketing, Networking, Penny Auction | 5 comments

Will Zeek Prevail? Zeek Rewards Investigation


This is the best information I have seen so far about the ZeekRewards Investigation


A Message to Our Business Partners & Global Family – Heres An Update on Zeek Rewards

zeek rewards This may address some of the concerns that are circulating online and on Skype. As far as the information that I am aware of,  here is a petition, and videos and a link to I have posted a few videos below that i believe will provide credible information. Please view them in their entirety.



Hope For Zeek Rewards 

Some honestly believe that Zeek Rewards will weather this storm. Countless  companies have come under the scrutiny of regulators and have prevailed. Including the multi-billion dollar global giant Amway. Perhaps this is how the Amway reps were feeling in the early days as their completely legal company was being investigated.

Here is what we know:

  • a. The MLM business model is real and legal as well as ethical
  • b. Regular Auctions – the ones you go to in person 
    • Online Auctions – like Ebay
    • Penny Auctions – like Zeekler, Quibids and others
    • are all legal. Zeek Rewards simply married the two models thus creating a new category
  • c. This is a civil investigation and not a criminal one 

Personally, I believe they will weather this storm. So as business people, lets make sure to stay informed and make intelligent business decisions based of the facts.

 More Ways to Support Zeek Rewards – Give Good Information

Zeek Rewards Funny PennyWith these challenges, decide if you will stand with Zeek Rewards…. and not feed into the frenzy. This for some, may look like not feeding into or contributing to the rumors, or perhaps this may mean removing noncompliant websites and YouTube videos that use improper terminology. Despite any challenging areas they need to address, many have decided long before this week that the leadership Zeek has have in the field as well as at corporate is well worth supporting.

Zeek Rewards Petition 

There is a petition at –  North Carolina Dept of Justice Atty Gen Roy A Cooper & The FTC: Allow Rex Venture Group to create a Penny Auction standard w/MLM model, because people care deeply about this very important issue. We want to collect 100 signatures, and Zeek Rewards could really use your help. To read more about what they’re trying to do and to sign the petition, click here:

Videos on YouTube About Zeek Investication

This was emailed to me from our upline  sponsor:

Troy’s latest 3 min update on Zeek Rewards invetigation, Troy knows more than all of us as he is on the leadership council in the company.


Civil Investigative Letter  Predicted 10 Days Ago

Here is Troys previous video informing us of this 10 Days ago in advance onAugust 7th  of Zeek Rewards Issues

More Zeek Rewards & Penny Auctions Info will be Here.



Do you think  Zeek Rewards will Prevail?


Join the conversation and post a comment.

  1. sniperwood

    I have my doubt;s that Zeek will make it at this point. The only things that do not add up are the fact that the SEC never mentions the profits being made from the penny auctions.

  2. Deborah Risley

    Troy please continue to inform and update the affiliates of Zeek Rewards

  3. Dwayne R

    I put $5K into Zeek and never withdrew a penny, so obviously I am sick to my stomach because I thought I did enough due diligence to “know better”. Guess I am the laughing stock now. But, it’s okay because I will continue on. Hopefully we might get some of our money back, we’ll just have to see.

    I did find this new company that is in pre-launch that “on the surface” looks really good, but we have all heard that story before. I signed up for FREE (you can too) while it’s still in pre-launch and they are expecting THOUSANDS of people to be in this program. I was only 8 away from the top spot so, (considering it did not cost anything) I locked my spot. Can’t wait for massive spill over.

  4. Pama Lyons

    It will take me a long time to get over Zeek Rewards. I am mad and depressed all the time. This company has messed up so many lives. I took the compliance course seven times so that I would never do anything to hurt this company and my income. What ever happened to the great mlm lawyer team that Zeek Rewards always claimed that covered their back. If this was a legitimate company this would never have happened because their so called lawyers would have been right on top of this. The owner would not have caved in so quickly. Makes me sick. The emotional and financial burden this has caused me will take some time to recover from. I hope each and everyone of them pay for what they have done to so many of us. You who put up money to so called people who are supposedly getting lawyers are throwing your money down the toilet. You don’t know who these people really are and what they really are using the money for. I do not trust anyone that I cannot look them in the eye. They are all a bunch of liers. When it’s too good to be true, it is.

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